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In My Shoes

Up until October 28, 2015 (my son’s birthday) I would have described myself as someone who was:
Level headed.
Hard Working. 
Career Driven.
And, I probably would have stopped there for fear that someone might see me as anything less than what I described above. I would have never seen myself as the nurturing motherly type, and really that remains the same… the major difference is I can say that with a smile on my face, similac puke on my lulu lemon pants and baby drool running down my arm.

And now, I would describe myself as someone who is:
A mom.
A wife.
A daughter.
Family oriented.
A best friend.
Somewhat independent.
Level headed most days.
Hard Working.
Career Driven.
The list could go on and on but those are the major highlights these days. In the past few months I have seen myself quite differently and have a whole new perspective on the world… I guess having a baby will do that to a person! I notice things now that I would have never noticed before and take extreme joy in the smallest things… like a change table being available in a public restroom. As I notice different things from my new perspective I want to tell you about them via this blog, and of course, get your comments and feedback.

I look forward to sharing my random thoughts with you and taking you with me for a walk in my shoes.

Shoes: Flats – perfect for a fashionable mom-on-the-go

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