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Me as a traveler

I like to think of myself as more of a traveler than a tourist, but in all reality due to the short amounts of time I tend to visit any one location, I would be best described as a tourist with the heart of a traveler.

When you see me in a new place you will likely find me looking for a Christmas ornament for my traveling tree ornament collection or buying a Starbucks city mug from the Your Are Here collection along with my grande non-fat vanilla latte. And then… I will be exploring the new place by foot taking in all the sights and sounds with camera (well, iPhone) in hand.

I love to travel to new exciting places, but over the past few years  I have developed a love for exploring my own back yard. I can’t wait to show you some of the gems in Atlantic Canada and get some ideas from you!

Throughout this blog I will tell you about some of my favourite places I have visited (Paris, Banff, NYC, anywhere with a beach, etc.), some stories from the road and some tips and tricks for traveling alone, with friends or with a baby.

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