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DIY Scotch Bottle Tiki Torches

I am a bit of a DIY enthusiast… I don’t have DIY projects on the go all the time, but I always have them in the back of my mind. When I see something that most people would toss in the trash I tend to wonder “what could I make with that?”. Thank goodness for pinterest! Pinterest has been my go to place for the answer to my “what could I make with that?” question.

I found a few empty scotch bottles in the closet not long ago and was trying to figure out why we still had them… the Mr. is adopting some of my “it’s too nice to get rid of” mantra and so kept the bottles for a future project. Lucky for me! This was going to be great… I mean, look at the bottles! They are all different heights and widths and in perfect condition. Whatever they were to become would have to be great, right!?

Luckily, pinterest did not disappoint this time either! Another blogger, House Blend Family, had a post about turning wine bottles into “wine torches” – I decided immediately this would be the perfect use for the scotch bottles. After all, the mosquitos in our area can be really annoying, especially at dusk, so what better than to have a pretty solution to get rod of a few pests?!

I found the citronella oil and tiki wicks at Walmart and then purchased the copper couplings and copper coupling caps at Kent Building Supplies (you can get these anywhere that sells plumbing supplies). The citronella oil and wicks on the other hand were a bit more difficult to find (it took me three different Walmarts to find them!), so if you are planning to make these keep the items on your shopping list all spring so you don’t have to go on a citronella oil hunt.

I ended up having the same issue as the House Blend Family where the wicks were not long enough. However, this wasn’t a big deal in my case since I live on a beach with literally tons of rocks at my disposal. I collected enough to fill the bottoms of the three bottles, washed them in hot water (just to get any little bugs or seaweed off) and let them dry in the sun.
I then filled each bottle so that the wicks could rest on the rocks. You only need a bit of the wick to be above the coupling, so keep this in mind when filling the bottles with rocks. The next step was to complete the project – I removed the wicks once again and filled the bottles (about half way) with citronella oil using a funnel. I used more oil than necessary, but wanted to use the whole bottle between these three scotch bottles to avoid another DIY dilemma of what to do with the rest of the oil. Once the oil was in the bottles, I put the wicks back into the bottles by feeding them through the copper couplings, let the wicks soak up the oil and then lit them to try them out!

And, Voila!
I am thrilled with the outcome! I completely agree with the House Blend Family that these would make great hostess gifts. I think they are the perfect addition to any patio decor and of course the bonus is they help to keep the mosquitos away! The copper caps are used when they are being stored (especially if you leave them outside, which I do) to keep the wicks dry. I am definitely counting this project as a DIY win!
tiki torch
My shoes for that: The Mr.’s favourite shoes these days – Frost Grey Chambray Men’s Classic Toms

If you enjoyed this post share it with your friends that also have empty scotch bottles, wine bottles or other glass bottles ready to be up-cycled – thanks in advance, it means a lot to me!
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