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Gabbiano Promessa Pinot Grigio

Producer: Beringer Blass Italia SRL
Name: Gabbiano Promessa Pinot Grigio
Country: Italy
Vintage: 2014
Price: $14

Why did I decide to try this wine? In March (2016) during a trip to Montreal I had this wine at dinner. I enjoyed it enough to take note and purchase it again once returning home.

Would I prefer one glass or indulge in the bottle? Glass. I don’t typically drink liquid of any kind while I eat, but this wine I really enjoyed with food.

What shoes would I wear drinking this wine? Comfort Plus Pump. One of the most comfortable high heel shoes you will likely ever find… perfect for walking to/from dinner while visiting a new city.

How would I describe the wine? Best when really cold and served with food. It has a very nice fresh smell and very little after-taste.

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