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I was filing my nails in a hotel bathroom last week when it dawned on me – the last time I filed and painted my nails in a hotel it was for a very different reason. 

I was at a conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland and would be attending a Gala Dinner the following night. My nails were already well-kept and polished in a light pink color. I remember choosing the color earlier that week to match the series of outfits I would be wearing to the conference… totally a “Jenna” thing to do as my younger sister would say, but hey… not only did my nails look great, I felt confident giving my sales pitch in my perfectly coordinated ensemble. 

So, before heading to dinner I took the perfectly good pink nail polish off and re-painted my nails in red to match my dress for the Gala. This series of nail painting events has stayed with me since one of the people I had dinner with that night noticed as soon as we met in the hotel lobby that I had changed my nail color. I didn’t think this was weird or impractical at all at the time… It was simply the best choice given the dress I would be wearing to the Gala (and of course my shoes also had red on them!). Thinking about it now… I think this was a complete waste of valuable time and an ultra luxurious thing to be “able” to do!

My situation last week was completely different! The only two things the same were that I was in a hotel and I painted my nails. 

You see, painting my nails these days is a serious commitment – not only do I need approximately 20 minutes to file and paint them, but I also need a good 40 minutes afterward to let them dry properly. A whole 60 minutes with a baby of “downtime” is absurd! My nails needed to be done this time, whether I re-painted them or not, the previous polish (“Big Spender” by ESSIE) was chipped to the point that it had to go! With my little dude asleep for the night and the Mr. working away I had an opening… Fresh polish it was! (“Petal Pushers” by ESSIE). 

Why take the 60 minutes to “do” my nails… 

1) I knew I would have to be quiet in the hotel room as my little dude slept and the Mr. got his work done. 
3) It really is the little things in life that make a huge difference in our mood and overall well being.
2) I would strongly recommend doing any little thing that can make you feel like YOU. It is all about the baby… all of the time! Be the mom with painted nails at the grocery store and make everyone wonder “how does she do it?!” Nobody needs to know you used paper plates/plastic utensils for dinner the night before to avoid dishes and let your nails dry! 

My shoes for that: Hotel slippers (the kind you get for “free” in your room at really fancy hotels)

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