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10 things you can do with a baby on your back

Some people love baby carriers and wraps, while others don’t seem to use them at all. I fall in the middle ground… I didn’t use a wrap or sling with my little dude, but as he got older (3 months or so) I started using a carrier to go for walks on nice winter days, around the house on those fussy afternoons and every now and then when a stroller wasn’t the best option. At that time I was carrying him on the front of me with him facing me. This is really the only option I could see for the carrier I have; he would have been too small for anything else and certainly could not have been on my back at that stage.
I really enjoyed being able to walk around the house and having some relief on my back and some use of my hands while carrying him on my front. However, I was not comfortable to do anything too major while carrying him on the front of me. Cooking seemed hazardous and trail walking dangerous as I couldn’t see my feet very well… so, when we took the next step and switched to carrying my little dude on my back it opened up a whole new world of carrying opportunities!
Carrying my little dude on my back is much more my style (and his). Neither of us are very cuddly, so now we can “snuggle” and do stuff at the same time. Most of the “things to do” on my list are household chores, but let’s be honest… when your little one is fussy and wants to be held, stuff around the house can only wait for so many days before it needs to get done. Side Note: I worded this carefully, since the Mr. does ALOT around the house and would call this a false post if I said things needed to get done everyday… he knows me better than that and knows that if I can’t sweep the floors in a day I will still sleep well that night and try again the next day. Second Side Note: The picture to your left…me with no make up, messy hair, but a smiling little dude – what #momlife is all about!
And here it is… 10 things you can do with a baby on your back:
  1. Sweep/Swiffer the floors – washing the floor is really challenging!
  2. Dishes
  3. Laundry – if you have stackable machines this doubles as a workout!
  4. Light Exercise – lunges, squats, arm exercises… this should really read as “heavy exercise” since you have an extra 20 lbs or so on your back!
  5. Online shopping
  6. Walk – on the beach, on trails, etc.
  7. Go get the mail – seems simple, but it’s one of those things I always forget to do
  8. Cooking – cutting/prepping food as well as cooking it
  9. Dance Party
  10. Blogging – this post may have been written with my little dude on my back, haha 😉
My shoes for that: Indoor sneakers (like little kids going to gym class) or barefoot!

10 things you can do with a baby on your back

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