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A few weeks ago, while attending my girlfriend’s bachelorette party, I met Moira. Moira operates UNWINED… check out the website for more information and possibly to book your own wine tasting party! I realized at the party that although I have enjoyed consuming wine for a number of years now I wouldn’t say that I ever took the time to fully appreciate it or understand it. 

This has all changed since attending the interactive wine tasting party Moira hosted that was both fun and educational. She gave us “regular” wine drinkers that opportunity to taste (properly), smell and come up with all kinds of crazy descriptions for the aromas and flavours the delighted our senses. This experience has been the source of my “smell test” for the wines I  have described for you (in my own way) throughout these wine o’clock posts.

Besides learning about acidity, alcohol levels, bubbles, etc. my favourite take-a-way from the wine tasting party was learning what Appellations are. “An appellation is a legally defined and protected geographical indication used to identify where the grapes for a wine were grown…” – Wikipedia. One of the appellations I have already featured at wine o’clock is Tidal Bay. Tidal Bay is the first wine appellation for Nova Scotia wine and is a variety that I really enjoy. Each winery makes their version of Tidal Bay a little bit different from that of their neighbour and that is what I love about it – tasting them all brings a sense of familiarity and yet uniqueness all at the same time. My favourite Tidal Bay so far is from Luckett Vineyards and was my inaugural wine o’clock post. Check it out if you missed it! Stay tuned for more Tidal Bay tastings coming soon.

Full disclosure: when asked at the party what an appellation was I promptly answered (positive I knew what I was talking about) that “appellations are a mountain range, you know like the appellation trail in northern NB, Quebec and Labrador” . I was VERY wrong! At least I gave everyone a good laugh… hahaha.

My shoes for that: Bow fancy flip flips – perfect for the beach or vineyard touring.

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