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DIY Paper Pinwheels

My brother is getting married in 2 months minus 1 day! On top of regular wedding planning stuff, this means that we are in full “wedding event” mode – bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, you name it.

Yesterday, my Mama and I kicked off the festivities by hosting a bridal shower for his fiancé (let’s call her “V”). Before getting into the paper pinwheels you should know a little more about this future sister-in-law of mine to really appreciate the theme and decor of the bridal shower. V is a happy-go-lucky gal that loves to dance, is up for anything, will kick your butt in any fitbit challenge and someone who brings a positive energy with her everywhere she goes. She loves popcorn, softball, sea-dooing, kayaking, dancing (so much its worth mentioning again), and my brother. He is one lucky guy!

Because V loves popcorn we decided to go with a carnival theme for her bridal shower. All of the decorations were based around the popcorn booth… the rest just kept coming and coming. Pinterest gave us so many ideas it was challenging to narrow them down – thankfully, as we planned things, made decorations, etc. everything fell into place and some ideas seemed impossible to leave out while others became easier to overlook. 
carnival party

Paper Pinwheels quickly sky rocketed to the top of the list! I mean, how fun are these things?! They look amazing and I knew right away they would make a perfect “picture” to replace the picture that was originally on the wall in V’s house.
paper pinwheels

Here is how to make Paper Pinwheels:

What you will need:
12″ x 12″ square scrapbooking paper
scotch tape

It is important to use square paper… the size doesn’t really matter, it all depends on how big you want your pinwheel to be in the end.

Step 1: Fan fold each sheet of paper then fold the fan folded paper in half.

Step 2: Place each sheet of paper wrong side up with the centrefolds meeting together. Tie a piece of string around the centre to secure the two sheets of paper (now fans) together.
Step 3: Carefully stretch the fans to meet the edges of the fan next to it and secure them together with scotch tape. There are many tutorials that suggest using double sided tape, glue or staples… I tried all of the methods and found scotch tape to be the easiest, fastest and to help the paper together the best. Even if the scotch tape is on the “good” side, don’t worry… it doesn’t show when the final product is ready.
And, voila! you made a paper pinwheel! One you get the hang of this it will take only a few minutes to make each one. I made a whole bunch of them in order to have enough to cover a large painting. These would also be great to hang from the ceiling or mount individually if you ceilings and walls permit.
DIY Paper Pinwheels
These were a huge hit at the bridal shower and made an awesome decoration. I will be making them again I’m sure!

My shoes for that: Michael Kors Berkley T-strap Silver Heels – because a certain bride-to-be will be wearing these to walk down the aisle in 2 months minus 1 day!

pinwheel pin

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