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My First Mother’s Day

I always thought of Mother’s Day in the same way I think of Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve… holidays that we celebrate because we are “supposed” to but not because we really want to. I mean, I love receiving something pretty on Valentine’s Day or going to a NYE party, but can’t a girl get something pretty any day of the year from her significant other the same way she could party with a countdown to midnight any night we all wanted to? I am not against these holidays I just never really understood why everything should be so expensive for things we could all do any other day… anyhow, I digress.

My First Mother's DayAlthough I have had a reason my entire life to appreciate Mother’s Day, this year felt like the first time it mattered to me. Now, I too am a mom and I waited anxiously with anticipation for the day, almost like a child does Christmas morning. Thankfully, I was not disappointed! When we arrived at our friend’s house Friday evening for our weekend visit these flowers were the decoration in our room to greet me. I was over-the-moon excited!

And then, finally on Sunday morning, I was awakened by the smell of a fabulous brunch being prepared after sleeping until 9am! A 9am wake up call is virtually unheard of as a mom of a then 6 month old, so this was really a fantastic start to the day. I was given a necklace that featured a family tree from my boys (The Mr. and Little Dude) and spent the day with both of them. It was really a fantastic, low-key, better than I could have asked for First Mother’s Day

My First Mother's Day
The real part of this story begins here however. I had a great day and am thankful for that, but I also felt guilty for not appreciating Mother’s Day more in the past. Since Little Dude has arrived, I have such a huge appreciation for my mom and really, all mothers. The amount that they put up with at home in the run of a 24 hour shift all while keeping the house in order, keeping everyone happy and keeping a smile (no matter how fake) on their faces absolutely amazes me. And just when that 24 shift ends, they get back at it and start the next 24 hour shift without any breaks or sick days. Most of us are fortunate to have husbands, wives, or someone in our lives that makes these 24 hour shifts possible and believe me when I say every mom out there is incredibly thankful for you!

My mom is the mom that makes being a mother look effortless. She will do anything for everyone else EVERY TIME and never look for anything in return – she shows up within a moments notice to help, leaves when you hint to her because you just need some alone time, makes dinner for us (yes, all her babies and their significant others) any night just to get the family together, will go for multiple walks a day to help us all stay active and healthy, and really she is quite simply the most amazing Domestic Engineer there is. She keeps everything and everyone going smoothly 24/7/365 days a year. Last, but certainly not least, watching her as “Nanny” (what my Little Dude knows her as) is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience as a daughter. She seems absolutely thrilled to play with him, watch him grow, help him learn new things, pose him for photo shoots and really just to be around him. I am quite certain the feeling is mutual as he is beyond excited to see her arrive and upset to see her leave.

So, to all of you who feel like I felt about Mother’s Day I urge you to stop and consider all of the things your mom does and has done for you. If nothing else, she deserves a phone call or a card to let her know you remembered the day and you appreciate her – put a reminder in your smart phone now – Next Mother’s Day is on SUNDAY, MAY 14, 2017!!!

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