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Rio de Janeiro

I visited Brazil on a business mission trip two days after getting engaged in the early spring of 2010. I was travelling with a group of 14 (or so) business people to several cities where we were promoting our respective businesses and making relationships with Brazilian companies to develop partnerships. That being said, my trip was not exactly that of a tourist… I took absolutely no pictures, I didn’t get to any of the major tourist attractions and we didn’t spend days at the beach etc. 

Ipanema Beach – photo fr: http://www.travelchannel.com
Being in Rio de Janeiro was the highlight of the trip for me as our hotel was located right next to Ipanema beach. The view alone made me feel as though this were a luxurious vacation and not a business trip. Here were my highlights from Rio de Janeiro (all business meetings, Consulate visits, etc. aside):

  1. Brazilian BBQ – When a meal consists of nearly all you can eat meats (of all varieties) complemented by a variety of salads, I am one happy girl!
  2. The Market – I love going to markets in general, but in South America the markets are that much more vibrant and exotic than in any other places I have travelled to. I purchased a dress (which I still have) and a few other souvenir items.
  3. Mr. Cat Shoes – One of my colleagues on the mission trip had been to Brazil before and was raving about Mr. Cat shoes. Having the opportunity to go to the actual store, try on a few pairs and actually buy a pair was a dream come true. To see the shoes I bought have a look at my Olympic post, August 2/16.
  4. Chicken Caesar Salad – There was a small pub next to the hotel where we ate lunch three days in a row. I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad on the first day (thankfully!) and it was (and still is) the best I have ever had. It was so good, there is no way it was actually a healthy choice, but if I ever go back to Rio I will eat it everyday for lunch again!
  5. Rio de Janeiro – photo fr: http://ygenmag.com
  6. The Views – Like I mentioned, unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go to “Christ the Redeemer”, but since our hotel was located so close to Ipanema beach we did get to walk along the beach a few times. Also, simply by driving from meeting to meeting and sometimes taking the scenic route on purpose I had the chance to see Sugarloaf Mountain (a little different than the Sugarloaf Mountain I am used to in Campbellton, New Brunswick) and Copacabana beach.

To all of the athletes gathering in Rio de Janeiro this month, I wish you a safe and happy visit – don’t forget to take a moment just to look around you and soak up the breathtaking views!

My shoes for that: Havaiana men’s sandals I purchased for my fiancé (now my husband) at the time.

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