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Where to get the best lunch in Bathurst, NB

Lunch is the “weirdest” meal of the day, well for me it is… I am starving by lunch time, need something filling to get me through the day, but now that I am not going to work everyday my lunch planning has seriously suffered! 

Since it is the meal when I never know what to eat I have tried to take advantage of not going to work everyday to try some restaurants I wouldn’t be able to get to from my workplace during lunch hour. That brought my little dude, his Nanny and I to Jobie’s Mobile Kitchen.

Joel Aubie is the Chef and Owner of Jobie’s Mobile Kitchen. A native of Bathurst, Joel’s successes include being a contestant on the Food Network’s Top Chef Canada, Season 2. 

Where to get the best lunch in Bathurst, NB
You can find this bright red food truck parked on the picturesque water front in Bathurst (on the causeway) on most every sunny day from noon to 2pm. Don’t be intimidated by the short timeframe… we arrived exactly at noon (we actually followed the truck to its parking place) and there was about 15 people waiting to order! I thought it would take forever, but since we weren’t in a rush we decided to stick it out. Thank goodness we did! Our order was taken very quickly and our food ready shortly after. This food truck is a well oiled machine (pun intended, haha).

I ordered the salmon burger with arancini as the side. The arancini was AMAZING! In fact, if you are hungry but just want a small snack – order this. I would go to Bathurst specifically to eat this, yes… it was that good!

They “serve gourmet street food with locally sourced products and globally inspired flavours” quoted from their website. This line was too well written not to repeat in this blog post!
Where to get the best lunch in Bathurst, NB
I was totally shocked (in a very happy way) when I opened my salmon burger to find an actual filet of grilled salmon. I expected some type of processed salmon made into a pattie – this was WAY better. It also made me appreciate the rice a lot more. Considering what I received for the price I paid I think it was an excellent value.
Where to get the best lunch in Bathurst, NB
Besides the fact that I am proud to say someone from my high school was on Top Chef Canada – the food here is really amazing. It truly is a gourmet culinary experience that you would not expect from a food truck parked on a causeway in northern New Brunswick. It is another one of the gems of the Chaleur region that makes this area so unique and “chaleureux” for all of its residents and visitors alike.

Bon Appétit!

My shoes for that: KED’s sneakers, in red to match the truck!

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