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Babies wearing baby clothes

The “what to wear” dilemma begins for your baby the moment he/she is born. They don’t realize it,  but from the first little hat they wear to the first sleeper – all of these items were carefully packed in their mom’s hospital bags and are ready for those first moments we have all been anxiously awaiting to capture.
Last week I had my little dude all dressed in what I call “play clothes”. What this means… we were not planning to leave the house, it was going to be a comfort day where we would likely not be photographed or seen by anyone other than the Mr. and Nanny. Then, on a whim we decided to go to town, go out for lunch and pick up a few groceries. None of these details are very important, but they will help make my point…
As we were driving I felt bad that I didn’t change my little dude into something more fashionable to go to town. I felt bad for about a minute then I quickly could hear the Mr. in this situation who says to me regularly “Jenna, give your head a shake”. My little dude is 10 months old – since when is a tigger/Disney character jogging suit not acceptable for a baby to wear in public?! The answer is: IT IS ACCEPTABLE to wear BABY clothes on babies… ALL THE TIME!
Many parents say on a regular basis “they grow up too fast”, but at the same time from the time they are born we are dressing them like little adults. Babies wearing designer clothing and “different” things has become such a trend that a baby could really be dressed “differently” just by dressing like a baby.  Keep in mind, our babies don’t get to choose their clothing… so going forward, my little dude will still have lots of “town” clothes, but since this realization he will have lots of “fun/baby” clothes as well!
My conclusion to all of this – wear your tigger jogging pants for as long as it is deemed acceptable to do so! If I could still wear them and get away with it, I would! I mean, who wouldn’t wan to have these super comfy orange character pants on, haha?!
Let babies be babies – they have a whole lifetime ahead of them to be adults and wear “proper” clothes.
My shoes for that: High top tigger sneakers

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