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Kehlmann Platz Pinot Blanc

Name: Kehlmann Platz Pinot Blanc
Country: France
Vintage: 2014
Price: $17

Why did I decide to try this wine? I was in Miramichi, NB last week and decided to stop at NB Liquor to get wine for thanksgiving weekend. Specifically, to go with the Turkey meal(s) we had planned. I met Dave, the “wine expert” while looking through the available selection and he suggested I try this wine to pair with a turkey meal. As an added bonus, the bottle is pretty fancy looking so looks “classy” as a decoration on the table when hosting a meal.

Would I prefer one glass or indulge in the bottle? Bottle. 

What shoes would I wear drinking this wine? These High Boots from the new Fall/Winter 2017 collection. French wine in the fall deserves French boots to complement them. Aren’t these fabulous?!

How would I describe the wine? The Mr. and I had this wine together after a turkey meal (not quite what Dave had in mind, but it worked for us). The Mr. thought it smelled like Green Grapes and Cranberries while I thought it smelled like Trees. We agreed that the taste was slightly fizzy and leaves your mouth dry. Dave was right, it would have been excellent with the meal!

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