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Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Scones Copycat Recipe

Pumpkin spice everything is the smell of Thanksgiving… similar to how pine trees are the smell of Christmas, well in my opinion anyway. 
pumpkin spice scones
Last year at this time I was extremely pregnant (nearly 40 weeks) and super jealous of my coworker who was in Houston, TX at the time enjoying a pumpkin spice scone. I realize she was there for work, but in my mind she was there to eat pumpkin spice scones form starbucks and that alone. In fact, to this day I am not even sure if she had a scone while she was there… in my pregnant brain, I was 100% certain she was eating pumpkin spice scones without me. I soon started scouring the internet for the perfect pumpkin spice scone recipe that I thought I could tackle. After all, I think I am pretty good cook, but I am by no means a baker!

Low and behold I found the prefect Starbucks Pumpkin Scone Copycat Recipe on pinterest by Chungah Ree from a blog called Damn Delicious. Now looking back at her site I realize she has a recipe book out… I have never tried any other recipes of hers but based on these scones I am considering ordering a copy (yes, they are that good!).

I made the scones last year and couldn’t wait for an excuse to make them again this year. 
Putting all of these spices together in a recipe and then baking them together makes the most amazing aroma in your house as a bonus to the delicious scones you end up with.

This morning, my little dude was up fairly early and excited to get on with the day even though he is dealing with his second set of ear infections within the last month! Since it is Thanksgiving I thought making these scones for V (my new sister in-law), my brother and the Mr. would be a welcomed start to everyone’s day. 
 The scones were as good as I remembered and everyone loved them! This was a fabulous way to start  Thanksgiving this year.

I am so thankful this year, especially on this Thanksgiving day. I have been blessed with a pretty awesome little dude (pardon the Mom bias, but he is pretty cool), I have the most amazing husband in the world (no bias here, he is honestly the best… ask anyone that knows him!) and a family (including by best friends, because really they are family too) that I cherish dearly. Although I don’t always stop to remember or appreciate it, I am one very lucky girl.

I hope you enjoy these scones – there is plenty of Pumpkin Spice season left for you to make them and be the hero at work, the supermom at baby group or the crazy wife who decided to make scones for breakfast on Thanksgiving 🙂


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