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Shoes to build your confidence

I will never forget the first time I saw a pair of shoes with red soles.

Do you have a special item that helps boost your confidence? I do too! #shoes #girlboss #confidence
Several years ago now I was planning to attend a shipping conference in Montreal. As usual, I had looked through the agenda and skimmed through the line up of speakers to 1) See if there was someone I should “meet” following their speech that might be a good business relationship or 2) See if there was anyone speaking that I would label as a “must see”/”cool person”. In the shipping industry at the time there were not very many females attending these types of conferences and there were not many females that would be deemed worthy or “expert” enough to address the audience. But there was at least one. That lady was Ms. Madeleine Paquin.
When I read Ms. Paquin’s biography as provided by the conference organizers I was immediately impressed and deemed her speech as a “must see” based on what a “cool person” she had to be. At the conference I watched for her and waited impatiently to hear her speech, but here is the funny part… I don’t remember a single word she said. I have no recollection of what the speech was about, whether she was part of a panel or a keynote speaker, but I do remember exactly what she wore, her mannerisms and her confidence.
Finally, I spotted her. She walked toward the stage gracefully in her all black pant suit with a white collared shirt (I assume the outfit was to fit in with the mostly all male executives…) and a pair of black stiletto heels. The red bottoms caught my eye and my attention immediately! She spoke as though she owned the place – her confidence and her extremely well articulated speech kept me mesmerized. However, like I said before, I don’t recall the content – all I wanted was to be able to do that.
Naturally, my first step to speaking like a pro and having all the confidence in the world was finding out what kind of shoes these were and getting a pair. I was disappointed at first since the shoes were WAY out of my budget, but after some saving (and convincing the Mr.), he bought me a pair (with our money…lol) during a trip to Las Vegas around the same time as our first wedding anniversary. Not a bad gift right?!
These shoes, Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps (in black of course), are now at the root of my confidence. I have worn them many times, but always wear them when I am doing a presentation I am kind of nervous about or to an interview or a Board Meeting when I feel I need a little extra that day. It might sound crazy, but they work! Not very many people have ever commented or even noticed that these shoes are red on the bottom… to most they are a simple black high heeled shoe… but they make me feel like I can do anything. They are basically my form of a Supergirl cape.
All in all – find something that makes you feel the best you can be whether it’s to do a presentation to a group of senior executives or attend a Baby Group for the first time. I have to say that in my case, attending Baby Group is WAY more intimidating than doing a presentation to senior executives. For whatever you situation or scenario… find the right shoes for the day, wear them with confidence and go get ’em!
“Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life.”
My shoes for that: None other than Christian Louboutin Black Simple Pumps (100mm to be exact)

What shoes do you wear for a little extra confidence?!

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