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Travelling Christmas Tree – Finland

There is no denying there are many things I love, but shoes, travel, wine and Christmas are at the top of the list! Side Note: All of these things are of course second to the Mr., my little dude, my family, God, etc… that goes without saying.
baby christmas tree

This holiday season I am thrilled to begin a Christmas Tree series of posts for #TinselTuesday where I will bring you for a tour around the globe as I show you some of the travel ornaments I have collected over the years.

For the past few years I have put up a huge Christmas tree in my tiny house. It honestly took up the entire living room… some might say it was excessive, while I felt it was absolutely perfect. the kind of tree you can only dream of having in your house with the most beautiful decorations collected over  several years until it looks just right. Then, my little dude came along. The big tree (9.5 feet tall) was ok last yer when he wasn’t mobile, but this year I would be taking up all of his play area with a tree he is not supposed to touch – so, a 7.5 foot slim tree is what we went with. I thought it would look really tiny compared to the big tree (and it does), but it is the right size for our house! 

Since we went with a much smaller tree this year I didn’t bother taking out all of my fancy ornaments… realistically my little dude is likely to be in the tree playing with whatever he can reach anyhow… so it was a perfect opportunity to use all of the travel ornaments the Mr. and I have collected over the years.
Finland Rein Deer Ornament
Finland was the first travel ornament I ever purchased. I went the Helsinki a few years ago now for my work. It was one of the international experiences I will never forget. Without dating myself it was before I had a smart phone and before all smart phones automatically worked everywhere in the world. In fact, I think it was the month following this trip that I got a blackberry “world” which was a HUGE deal at the time!

I landed in Helsinki alone and of course on a Sunday where not very many stores are open in European countries. I was on the search for a calling card so I could either connect to the internet or call home (which is really how all of my international trips began pre internationally functioning smart phone). In doing so I realized very quickly speaking English and French wasn’t getting me very far in Finland! Eventually I found a corner store with a young person working who understood English and helped me get a calling card, in the mean time I toured basically all of “downtown” and the waterfront area of Helsinki. The walking was picturesque with beautiful scenery, amazing architecture and friendly faces.

Buying my first travel Christmas tree ornament in Finland was extremely fitting. The city had a certain Christmas feel to it and there are rein deer ornaments/decorations all over the place similar to how you see moose things in Canada. The most ironic part however was that rein deer was served at the restaurant we ate at one of the nights… although not a vegetarian I couldn’t imagine eating it. It was too much like eating Rudolph for my liking.

If you ever find yourself in Helsinki here is my number one tip: Everyone will tell you to “go to the castle”. You will take a small ferry and end up on an island and like me walk around aimlessly searching for the castle. Stop walking and remember reading this blog post… the island is the castle! Stop searching, look around and enjoy being in the castle everyone has been telling you about.

Stay tuned for next week to see where we end up!

My shoes for that: Finnish Lappish Boots (don’t these just scream Christmas?!)
Picture from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/396035360961557301/

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