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The 2016 Year in Wine

The 2016 Year in Wine
2016 marked my “return to wine” after being pregnant for the majority of 2015. Wine was never my beverage of choice in my earlier drinking years, but soon became a favourite when travelling on business and being offered vino at nearly every turn. I developed a sense of the flavours I enjoyed in both white and red varietals and have to admit my preferences in wine change with the seasons.
In the spring/summer I drink almost exclusively white wine. The main reason is I love to have a chilled beverage in the warm months… and for that same reason (but the opposite) I tend to lean toward red wines in the fall/winter months.
I started the year off buying my favourite wines to savour in the flavours that I had missed out on in 2015; the first bottles I bought once I could drink again were:
  • Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio – white from Italy
    • Side Note: Gabbiano Promessa Pinot Grigio that I reviewed in 2016 is incredibly similar and about $6 less expensive/bottle… it’s still not Santa Marghertia but it is certainly a great alternative with similar flavour.
  • Clancy’s – red from Australia
    • Side Note: This is always my “go to” red when I a not sure of what to buy… it seems to suit most people, has a fun label and is from Australia (my favourite red wine country).
And only now am I realizing that I have no featured them on my blog for Wine O’Clock. Not to worry, they are surely to be reviewed and paired with their matching shoes (well at least my opinion of their matching shoes) this year. 
The 2016 Year in Wine
I would be remiss if I didn’t include some actual data and some expert opinions on the 2016 year in wine. afterall, everything I write about here is 100% my non professional, regular wine drinking person’s opinion. Vivino has a fantastic overview of 2016 – here is my summary of the 2016 year in wine:
2016 in three words – Modernizing. Natural. Expansive. 
The varietal big winner – Rosé
The region that was the hottest – Sicily and China
Best wine and food pairing in 2016 – Guacamole and Riesling (I don’t know about you, but I will be trying this combination with Relax Riesling ASAP!)
Cheers to another year!
My shoes for that: Women’s Carmen Pump, Comfort Plus by Predictions Side Note: These shoes are SUPER comfortable and have rubber soles so they aren’t annoying for everyone else in your office… they are honestly worth buying in every color! AND, they are on sale for $15 making it totally possible to actually buy them in every color! 

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