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Hello, meal time convenience —————– Hello Fresh Review + Discount Code!

Hello fresh
Time is definitely my most precious commodity these days… there are moments when I feel like I have all the time in the world (like from 10pm to 3am) and then there are times when I feel like everything needs to be done within the same 2 hours… Dinner time at our house has been slightly chaotic since I have returned to work! For the most part I haven’t taken the time to make meal plans as I usually would on the weekends – instead I am doing everything else and trying to have as much playtime with my Little Dude as possible before the work weeks starts again.
Hello fresh

Living in rural New Brunswick I can’t just order take-out or have pizza delivered to my door if I’m having a busy week (which these days, is every week!) – When I learned about HelloFresh from a fellow East Coast Blogger (Kayla, of Short Presents) it seemed to good to be true! Having healthy ingredients delivered to my door for me to cook up in 30 minutes was something I just had to try. I ordered our first box almost immediately and then was in touch with the company who also thought we would be a great fit to try out the service. We are now on our third box and it’s safe to say that I’m hooked on HelloFresh!

By now you are probably wondering “What is HelloFresh anyway?!” 
Allow me to explain…

HelloFresh is a fresh food service where “Chef-curated recipes based on seasonal farm fresh ingredients, delivered to your doorstep every week.”

Hello fresh

How it works – “We plan, We Shop, You Cook”

It is pretty simple… there is even a short video available

1) Choose your plan – Pronto, Family or Veggie 
2) They create tasty recipes for you to choose from (choose 3 per week from the 4 offered)
3) They do the shopping and send pre-measured /cut ingredients to your doorstep + FREE shipping!
4) You do the cooking by following the step by step instructions provided for you

Bonus – the subscription is 100% flexible! you can pause your subscription or cancel at anytime. It really is “risk free”! You can check out the terms and conditions for further details.
Hello fresh

Why I Am Hooked on Hello Fresh
  • I travel for work, the Mr. travels for work and Little Dude hasn’t quite figured out grocery shopping yet… it is so convenient and fabulous to come home to a HelloFresh box vs. a can of soup (again!)
  • We can eat well and plan less
  • We spend more time cooking together and enjoying Little Dude rather than figuring out what we are going to eat
  • I learned a few new cooking tricks and learned some sauce recipes that I will make again without a doubt
  • I felt like I treated my husband to a gourmet meal… It’s like we are eating restaurant food (but healthier) at home.
  • We tried foods and combinations of foods that we would have otherwise only tried in a restaurant 
Hello fresh

What I Wasn’t Sure About, But Was Pleasantly Surprised By

Like any new product or service I was skeptical to try it and thought there must be something wrong with it… well, there wasn’t. In case you are wondering, here were the things I was worried about…

1) How will the box / food stay cold (and fresh)? The food is delivered in an insulated box. The meat is on the bottom, on ice packs, with a layer of cardboard in the middle and then three boxes of all the other ingredients on top. The ice was completely frozen for both of my deliveries so far and everything was cold in the box.

2) Will the portion size be big enough? The Mr. and I have pretty good appetites and the worst case scenario would be to make a delicious meal only to not have enough. Even when I opened the box it still didn’t look like enough… but was thrilled that this was not the case for any of the 6 meals we’ve had so far! In fact, if Little Dude wanted to share there would definitely be enough to make him a small plate as well.

3) Will I receive good value for the price? I chose the Pronto plan (3 meals a week for 2 people) which is $79.99/week. At first I thought this was pretty pricy, but after seeing the quality of the ingredients (sirloin steak for example!) knowing that there are discount codes (see below!) available to get you started and experiencing the convenience of this service I am sold. I haven’t done a precise price comparison at a grocery store but my estimate is that it would cost me between $40-$60 just for the ingredients, not including the time to make a meal plan, go shopping etc. So in my view, $79.99 delivered t your door is great value for the price!
Hello fresh

What I Didn’t Like So Much

I learned that I am not very good, or just choose not to, follow the instructions. In order to make these meals the way they are intended to taste I had to put my inner Julia Child aside and follow what was on the instruction card. Thankfully, I did follow the instructions because we have LOVED every single meal even though I was not always sure about the ingredients or about the steps suggested.

I really hate dishes and the downside to making a new meal every night is that you have dishes every night. That said, the meals are certainly worth washing a dish or two… You may find me ordering for 4 people in the future to have left-overs for the next day with a single dose of dishes (I know, I know, I am getting pretty lazy…)
Hello fresh
If fresh, fancy and fabulous food is what you’re looking for I would highly recommend trying out HelloFresh! to make it even easier (awesome, I know!) you can even get $50 off you first box to try it out!

Thinking of trying out HelloFresh?! 

Use code JENMACD to receve $50 off your first box! 

Still not sure about HelloFresh and/or have some questions I didn’t cover? Comment here or drop me a line on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and I’ll tell you everything I know. Let me know if you sign up – I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the service.

My Shoes for that: Old Navy Sandals (only $26! And, YES, I am excited for spring shoes!)

Thanks to HelloFresh for sending us a Pronto Box to test out the service. As always, my opinions are my own.

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