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The Mr’s Favorite Mops

The Mrs Favourite Mops
Most women would agree that a man who cooks holds the key to our hearts. I agree, but have to say that it’s a man who cleans that stole the key to mine.
When it comes to cleaning I am no expert! I know the basics… enough to maintain a tidy and somewhat clean household, but cleaning is not my strong point. Organizing on the other hand is where I shine; when it comes to tasks like cleaning out a closet or re-organizing the kitchen cupboards I am the right person for the job. However, the actual “cleaning” stuff is the Mr’s area of expertise. What do I mean? You know, all of those tasks most of us would rather not even think of like cleaning light fixtures, dusting, washing the floors, washing windows, cleaning bathrooms, etc.
When I started thinking of spring cleaning goals for myself (I really mean the Mr. and I as a team…) I thought you may enjoy hearing about his favorite cleaning tools. Mops (which includes devices to clean the floors in general) in particular rank amoung his favorite cleaning gadgets to test out. At one point I can say that we owned 5 mops which is incredibly excessive since our house is 1000 square feet! Hopefully this interview style post with the Mr. will help you choose the right mop  and give you some tips for all of your spring cleaning needs!
The Mr's Favorite Mops
My Interview with the Mr. 
The Mr. – a 30 something husband and father who lives in a 1000 square foot house and loves to clean. He grew up with a father who loves to clean and is passing down the family tradition to his son (Little Dude). Proud Moment: watching Little Dude sweep the floor for the first time at Christmas 2016 (he received a small mop/broom as a gift).
Me – a 30 something wife and mother who hates to clean. Proud Moment: Marrying someone who loves to clean.
The Mr's Favorite Mops
What features do you look for in a mop before purchasing?
The mop head has to be soft and re-usable. Disposable heads are my preference for dusting (aka Swiffer) but when it comes to wet washing the floor a re-usable head is always better. Side note: None of the mops or brooms in our house are very fancy or expensive… so don’t let a crazy price tag make you think the mop is significantly better!
Which mops you currently own?
Which one is your favorite and why?
Rubbermaid Reveal: it has a sprayer with the right consistency between wetness and cleanness. The head swivels making it easy to get to corners etc. It is perfect for laminent floors and hardwood floors.
What type of cleaning product do you put in the Rubbermaid Reveal?
Vinegar and hot water is the ideal “product” to put in the mop. It leaves no streaks, is a simple solution without chemicals and does a good job cleaning the floors. Mr. Clean is my second choice… but it is harder to avoid creating streaks when washing the floor.
Does the type of floors in your house or where you live influence your decisions and why?
Yes, the type of floors and also how many corners there are in your main living areas etc. If I was cleaning a cushion floor I would choose the Spin Mop over the Rubbermaid Reveal one for example.
If someone was buying their first floor cleaning device what would you recommend they buy?
Swiffer Vacuum – a regular Swiffer doesn’t always do the full job and sometimes pushes dirt around, its super easy to use, the pads a disposable and is a good intro to floor cleaning.
Has your mop preference changed since becoming a dad?
No, but something that is quick and easy is required! Prepare, spray and go… there is no time for buckets of water and old fashioned mops.
Do you have any special techniques that you use when cleaning the floors? 
If possible try to mop in the same direction as the flooring especially on laminent or hardwood floors. But basically…don’t walk through where you have just cleaned and you should be good.
Do you always vacuum /sweep before you mop? 
What sort of tunes/playlist to you listen to while you clean? 
Country music “Google Play – Today’s Country Hits”
Tell me about what your reaction would be if I told you right now I bought you the Hoover Steam Mop? 
“Those are pretty sweet” were his exact words. Side note: it looks like that might go straight to the top of this list for potential Father’s Day/Birthday gifts this spring!
That does it folks… do you have any of these mops?! If you have any suggestions for us or want to know even more leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.
My shoes for that: Reebok Runners

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