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DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification

DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification
When I found out I was pregnant one of the first things I wanted to do was design and decorate a room for this new little baby. I was obsessed with bedding in particular and scrolled through endless Etsy shops and online baby stores to find what I deemed the perfect crib bedding. Once I found out I was having Little Dude (and not a little princess…) my ruffled bed skirts were all tossed aside and the re-design had to begin. I had absolutely no preference between having a baby boy or a baby girl, but the baby girl bedding out there is just SO pretty!!
Fast forward a little bit and without going into all the details about Little Dude’s room, the inspiration and what we eventually decided (that’s a story for another day) the bed skirt was one of my favourite things and a piece that I designed specifically to tie the whole room together and to hide storage bins under the crib.
Once we lowered the crib setting the crib we have no longer allowed for a bed skirt! I was devastated for about 2 minutes and then started trying to come up with a modification plan so the bed skirt could still be used.
What you need for this DIY:
– adhesive velcro strips
– scissors
– hot glue/hot glue gun
– iron (optional)
My solution:
DIY Crib Bed Skirt ModificationLittle Dude’s crib is against a wall so you really only see one side of the bed skirt even though there are 4 panels. The solution was born here – as soon as I realized I had extra fabric that I could use without ruining the look for any future use of the bed skirt.
I started by cutting one of the long sides off the full bed skirt (the original bed skirt now has three sides, two ends and a side panel).
Then it was to figure out how to get the bed skirt to stay on the crib without anything to attach it to. With duct tape not really being an option I went to the next best thing…velcro!
DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification
I lined up the bed skirt piece I cut earlier under the bed to see where tit would need to be folded, then ironed the fold to give myself a good line to follow. Next, I used hot glue to secure some stick on velcro strips. The velcro strips were supposed to stay on without hot glue, but the material is quite heavy so i didn’t trust that it would last. Side Note: What do you think of my work station?! Yes, it is in my kitchen on a ironing board… you laugh, but it works! haha
DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification
DIY Crib Bed Skirt ModificationWith the velcro strips securely on the fabric I attached the other side to the bottom of the crib. I didn’t use hot glue on the crib… simply peeled off the backing and stuck it on in pieces. Not the best picture, but you get the idea…
Then with the velcro in place on both the crib and the fabric it was time for the moment to truth. Hanging the bed skirt to once again hide Little Dude’s storage bin and extra diapers.
DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification
Thankfully, it worked!
DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification
And just like that Little Dude’s room was pretty again!
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DIY Crib Bed Skirt Modification

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    May 29, 2017 at 1:37 pm

    What a neat idea!

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    Cindy Doucet
    June 6, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    You always have such creative ideas. Wonder who you take after lol

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