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Mom Break 30 – the kick in the butt I needed

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are all busy… it doesn’t matter your walk of life, what you do all day or who you do it with – we are all BUSY! My exercise routine has certainly taken a back seat since I have returned to work from maternity leave and Mom Break 30 is just the kick in the butt I needed.
Mom Break 30 - the kick in the butt I needed 
First of all…

Mom Break 30 is a fitness challenge, with giveaways every day in the month of May, designed specifically for moms. All workouts are under 10 minutes, can be done without any equipment, and from ANYWHERE. 

Erica has a great video explaining the concept in only 2 minutes:
And, the videos will all stay online even after the month of May. so if you miss a day (or a few days like me) you can go back and start again in June, July, August, etc.

If you are anything like me you pull yourself out of bed in the morning at the latest possible minute before getting yourself, baby and sometimes the Mr. ready to head out for the day. Once everyone is at work/daycare you work like a crazy person because you can’t stay the extra 20 minutes at the end of the day like you used to be able to. Then you rush to daycare, get home, throw something together for dinner, have play time, bath time, books and bedtime for the little one. Then it’s about 8:30pm (in my case at least) and the though of doing an hour long workout is daunting. Mom Break 30 is the perfect little workout to get your heart rate up, burn a few calories and end the day on a high note knowing that in the whole day you at least took 10 minutes to do something for YOU!

The intention of Mom Break 30 is not really to bring moms together – but in my case it has made me reconnect with a few of my mom friends on a daily basis via group Facebook chat where we are getting updates from each other, complaining about how out of shape we all are, cheering each other on and knowing that doing even a 10 minute workout a day can be a challenge with life sometimes getting “in the way”. It’s like anything in life… it’s all about the effort.
Mom Break 30 - the kick in the butt I needed
Mom Break 30 Prize – Day 5 from Maman Chic

I know the name is Mom Break 30 and the workouts are designed for moms…but the workouts are perfect for ANYONE! 

So, here we go! 
Put your favorite yoga pants on, a little extra deodorant and hop to it 🙂

Be sure to follow Mom Break 30 so you don’t miss a thing on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube

My shoe for that: Nike Sneakers “just do it”
Mom Break 30 - the kick in the butt I needed

I was not compensated to share the details in this post. 
I wanted to share the challenge with you all so you can “play” too.

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