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Mother’s Day & Father’s Day {Gifts Simplified}

Mother's Day & Father's Day {Gifts Simplified}
Last year was my first Mother’s Day and it gave me the opportunity to reflect and appreciate Mother’s Day for what it is really all about rather than thinking about it as a Hallmark Holiday… like Valentine’s Day…
I put all kinds of pressure on myself every year to come up with the perfect gift for my Mom and the Mr.’s Mom – I actually really love buying gifts however. I love finding something I think the person will love, seeing their reaction when they open it and feeling like I helped make someone feel appreciated. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts are the ones I struggle with every year though… so I turned to an expert for advice.
Meet baby C
Mother's Day & Father's Day {Gifts Simplified} 
One of the spunkiest babies I know – she is bursting with personality, has had amazing hair since the day she was born and chats more in 5 minutes than my Little Dude does all day. So of course she, with the assistance of her Mama (who is a talented artist who just launched her new Facebook page and one of my besties), was the perfect little person to ask. 
Mother's Day & Father's Day {Gifts Simplified} 
Baby C is celebrating Mother’s Day for the first time this year and wanted to make sure she started things off on the right foot. She quickly realized she doesn’t have a lot of money and won’t for many years so something thoughtful would be in order, something her Mama would want year over year, something her Mama wouldn’t buy for herself… Just like that she had the idea – every year her Mama will receive a LARGE bouquet or white carnations with a homemade card.
Her Mama (like most Moms) doesn’t receive flowers all that often, and loves the idea of having a huge bouquet in her house every spring from her baby girl. Likewise Baby C came up with the idea to buy (with the help of her Mama) a bottle of scotch for her Dada to go along with his homemade card every Father’s Day.
Mother's Day & Father's Day {Gifts Simplified}
I don’t know about you, but I think Baby C is onto something! I love the idea of having something that my Little Dude can help choose every year and that takes the pressure off the Mr. We have decided to follow Baby C’s advice and buy the same gift year over year starting this Mother’s Day. In our case we are going with a LARGE bouquet of flowers elected by Little Dude and a homemade card for Mother’s Day and a Montreal Canadiens Ball Cap and a homemade card for Father’s Day. I have to say I am super excited to see the random flowers he is going to choose this year as an 18 month old!
What do you think of this concept? Brilliant? Too simple? I would love to hear what you do to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day or what kind of gifts you buy 🙂 My Shoes for That: Baby C’s favorite shoes… her gold Adidas sneakers! Seriously, these are the most amazing little sneakers! No wonder they are her favorites!
Mother's Day & Father's Day {Gifts Simplified}
To keep up with Baby C and her Mama… and to have a good laugh, follow them on Instagram 🙂
Mother's Day & Father's Day {Gifts Simplified}

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    Short Presents
    May 5, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Love this post! Happy Mother's Day!

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    Cindy Doucet
    May 7, 2017 at 1:04 am

    Great idea to simplify gifts. Always appreciated all gifts for Mother's Day and of course the unique cards ❤️Mama

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    Matthew Tully
    May 30, 2017 at 12:33 pm

    I love simple gifts! Great post!

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