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Toddler’s Favorite YouTube Videos

Yes, you read the title correctly… whether we like to admit it or not almost all toddlers watch YouTube videos nowadays. And, like us, they have their favorites. 

After many meals of Little Dude not eating, playing with his food and being down right impossible The Mr. discovered that if he watched a video while eating not only would he eat his whole meal, but he would eat foods that we couldn’t even get him to try before! I’m sure there are better solutions to picky eaters, but this worked for us. And now… I am happy to report Little Dude will now eat many more things – without watching videos every time! 

As a bit of a side note, and for the record, I feel I should tell you that Little Dude watches videos outside of meal time and I am ok with that as long as it’s not the only thing he does… I’m a big believer in balance – everything is good as long as it’s not taken out of proportion. If you let your kids watch videos all the time, or don’t let them watch at all – I support your decision. There really is no right or wrong answer, only what works for you and your family. 

All that said and without further delay, here are
Little Dude’s top 6 YouTube picks:

This Little Light of Mine – Listener Kids

Power Shuffle – Lifetree Kids

If all the raindrops were lemondrops and gumdrops – Barney

My God is Powerful – Lifetree Kids

Jesus loves me – Listener Kids

Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran (what can I say, the kid likes variety!)

My shoes for that: Navy Canvas Sailboats Tiny Toms (aren’t these the most adorable little shoes ever!??!?)
Toddler's Favorite YouTube Videos 

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