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Kempt Road Waterfall

Kempt Road Waterfall
In Point-à-la-Croix, Quebec only about 5-10 minutes from Campbellton, NB hidden down a road is a beautiful, yet unexpected trail which leads you through an enchanted forest to Kempt Falls. 

A friend of a friend had told us about this place and we instantly decided to find it and take advantage of their discovery and see it for ourselves. The adventure became a girls’ day that included Little Dude… at his age he can’t tell stories outside of the adventure so he is still allowed to participate in such girls only activities. 
Kempt Road Waterfall

Leaving from Campbellton, NB:
  • Cross the Van Horn bridge to Point-à-la-Croix.
  • Drive straight until you come to a fork in the road, i.e. you can’t go any further without turning left or right.
  • Turn Left!
  • Drive 5 minutes or so on Route 132 until you see Kempt Road on your right.
  • Turn onto Kempt Road and Drive 3 km beyond the Kempt Road Interpretation Center (which is in an old church)
  • You will see a sign for the falls. Park and get hiking!
The Hike
The waterfall is accessible by a walking path that begins directly in the parking area.

The path follows Calder Brook through the forest on a very slight incline. There are some boardwalk sections a few staircases and gravel pathways to follow all the way to the falls (and a little bit beyond even).

The hike is not long and is perfectly suited for taking children (or carrying one on your back!)

I was so amazed with how lush everything was along the path. It reminded me of hiking in Peru through rain forest areas near Aguas Calientes, but it is right here, only 45 minutes from where we live in New Brunswick. The waterfall themselves were quite pretty and well worth the walk to see them – doing this hike in the spring would likely have the falls rushing must faster with the spring water flowing.
Kempt Road Waterfall

Enchanted Forest
At the beginning of the trail there was a sign that explained how the trail leading the Kempt Falls has been allowing people to admire the falls and the magnificent nature around them. It goes on to say that the forest is enchanted and that there are seven trees that have come to life and place themselves along the trail to take advantage of the fresh water from the falls and the beautiful surroundings. The explanation ends with a challenge to find all seven living trees, and also warns that they move a every full moon!
Kempt Road Waterfall

Kempt Road Waterfall
We found six of the seven living trees but only got good pictures of four. Going through the enchanted forest and looking for the faces was a lot of fun and quite entertaining – I will warn you though, they are VERY hard to find!

Happy Hiking!

My shoes for that: Champion Gusto Cross Trainer (aren’t the colors of these sneakers and the assortment, oh and the price amazing?!)

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