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Choosing Paint Colors- The Story

paint colors
Choosing paint colors was quite a task for me as you all know now… but the story of choosing the colors and then buying the paint is one I think you will really enjoy. So, here it goes:

My friend and colleague became my personal sounding board through this entire process. I would run color ideas by her, pretend I knew what she was talking about when she spoke about undertones, lighting, furniture coordination etc. In the end, I knew that whatever she suggested was the “right choice” including convincing me to paint ALL the walls. 

Yep, you read that correctly. At one point in this whole process being overwhelmed by color selection I was going to leave the living room, kitchen and main open are walls alone. Reflecting on this now I have no idea what I was thinking and in fact I can admit, I wasn’t thinking! The moral of this part of the story is don’t give up! No matter how stressful or difficult it might be to choose a color. Choose one!
paint colors
Top: The wall colors before me moved in
Bottom: The wall colors mid-painting (big difference, eh?!)
Now… the day we went to buy all the paint ended up making me laugh and realize that taking my own advice would be a good idea. The lady I met in line took it to the extreme… here’s what happened:

I was standing in line (it was on sale 50% off, so of course I wasn’t the only person with this idea) with my list of paint requirements written out by room, how many halls per room I thought I would need and the name of the color I chose. I had quite a list which I knew would take a while to mix so when a lady came and stood by me in line with one gallon in her hand I asked if she wanted to go ahead of me. 
paint colors
My cart full of paint
She smiled and said (in French), “Well yes dear but I need to choose a color”. I am pretty sure without thinking about it I looked at her with huge eyes and surprise. 

She went over to the color board, pulled out a green swatch and then came back next to me. Shocked that she just pulled a color without thinking about it, without consulting anybody and without considering undertones I had to ask, “so you are going to go with that one?”
paint colors
We exchanged back and forth for a few minutes and I chose a few other colors for her to consider (although still green) for her bathroom. She ended up choosing one of my suggestions. 

After she had her color mixed she walked away with a huge smile on her face and said  “Merci ma belle, merci!” 

What we can all learn from Madame McGraw:
It really is “just paint”
Going with your gut works almost every time 
Be open to suggestions from others to help you make the best decision

For those of you struggling to choose a color… maybe just go in and pick one like Madame McGraw did! 

My shoes for that: Suede Strappy D’Orsay Flats
paint colors

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