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5 Reasons to Attend BlogJam Atlantic

BlogJam is in 17 days!! While it seems like time is quite literally slipping by I am still super pumped about all things fall – pumpkin spice, baby birthday parties, BlogJam and more.

Last year was my first year attending BlogJam. I was scared to death before going not having any idea what to expect and being intimidated by the other bigger and better bloggers that would be there. I wasn’t prepared for how much I would learn about myself, the community that I would officially become part of and that I would discover that I really am am blogger.

Fast forward to this year and I’m super pumped to see familiar faces again, meet new people and most of all learn. Blogging is typically a one man/woman show and trying to keep up with everything can be a bit overwhelming. At these types of events not only can you learn from the pros, but you can find ways to make your blogging time more efficient and your posts more effective.

What is BlogJam?
“The existing community of bloggers in Atlantic Canada is rich and varied in subject matter, experience, and expertise. BlogJam 2017 aims to facilitate an event in which this community can come together to create, share, and engage in and about all topics related to blogs, bloggers, and blogging, in a positive, inclusive atmosphere.”

Why should I go to BlogJam?

1) Networking, in real life!– I am not an expert blogger by any means but I know almost all of what I know because of the network I have around me. Meeting other bloggers (in real life) will no only help you but it will also inspire you to be the est blogger you can be. which leads me to the next point…

2) Connect with local brands – You may or may not be at the stage where this is a priority for you, but let me tell you it is awesome to meet local brands, get to know their products and understand just how much of an impact you have as a blogger and an influencer. Keep your eyes out for these special guests!

3) Amazing speakers – This year the team at BlogJam has really outdone themselves and have attracts an outstanding line up. From Tiffany, to Kayla, to Crystal (only to name a few) the agenda looks absolutely amazing! Be sure to have a look at the agenda ahead of time, plan your route and get to see the speakers/topics that make the top of your list.

4) Blogspiration – Last year I left BlogJam feeling full of inspiration and with a whole list of new ideas, new goals and a whole new confidence to make it happen. I would love nothing more than for you to attend and get that very same inspiration for your blog!

5) Increase your confidence – Speaking of confidence in the last point, let me elaborate… I went to BlogJam last year feeling like I wasn’t a really blogger. I didn’t really know what to say when people asked what my blog was and I was pretty shy about talking about “There’s a Shoe for That” in general. By the time I left BlogJam I knew what to say when people asked and I was feeling very confinement about what I was doing, what I was writing and why I was doing it. Pretty cool, right?!

*BONUS* – You will get to meet me! I’d love to connect even before the conference and start to get to know you a little better – feel free to message me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so we can connect on Social Media. I am really looking forward to meeting you whether you have been blogging for a decade or started this month 🙂

See you all in 17 days!!

My shoes for that: Classic Black Glitter TOMS (These are Renee’s recommended conference shoes – perfect for running around, fashionable and they support a cause. A win win win shoe choice!)


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