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Barton & Guestier Sancerre

Name: Barton & Guestier Sancerre
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc
Country: France
Vintage: 2012
Price: $30+

Why did I decide to try this wine? During one of my trips to Paris I was introduced to this wine (well, Sancerre…maybe not this specific one, since Sancerre is an appellation) and fell in love with it. I had never seen it at the liquor store in New Brunswick until about a year ago. Due to the price tag is is definitely a “special occasion” wine for me, so the Mr. and I paired it with our “go to” special occasion dinner and enjoyed it in celebration of our 6th wedding anniversary recently.

Would I prefer one glass or indulge in the bottle? Bottle. Any wine I label a “go to” deserves the “bottle” classification.

What shoes would I wear drinking this wine? Since we enjoyed it while celebrating our anniversary I have to go with my wedding shoes (these shoes are no longer available but here are a few others to choose from in my post called “5 ways to make wedding planning stress free“.

How would I describe the wine? This wine is just the right blend of fruitfulness and dryness. In my notebook I wrote “delightful“. Thankfully is was worth the price tag and tasted just as I remembered it. 

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