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How to get steps in at work {and still be a productive employee}

how to get steps
Wellness week in New Brunswick, Canada is celebrated the first week of October. So although we are all drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes and indulging in our favorite Pumpkin Spice Scones the week is to remind us about all things WELLNESS.

We celebrated the week this year at work by making healthy snacks for the other employees (smoothies), having a healthy lunch catered, doing a yoga session to learn about stretches that can be done in our office chairs and last but certainly not least we were all given Fitbits!

I have had a Fitbit since Christmas 2015, but now I feel so special to have this fancy new Fitbit Charge 2 that not only counts my steps and monitors my sleeping but also monitors my heart rate, counts flights of stairs and looks pretty cool!

Now that my colleagues and I are all doing our best to meet our daily step goals I thought it was timely to give my 5 best tips for getting a few extra steps in during the work day while still be the most productive employee in the office:

1) Stand up while on the phone – Yes, you will look silly but if you stand while speaking on the phone you can easily get 100 steps just by pacing in your office or marching while you talk. Tip: to make this easier use a headset or headphones

2) Use the central printer/photocopier – Many of us have printers in our offices but taking the 20 steps to the photocopier room and 20 steps back again will add up over the course of the day.

3) March, march, march – We don’t realize how many times a day we just stand and wait for something, but it happens a lot! For example: making copies (10, 1 page copies gave me 40 steps), making coffee (140 steps while waiting for my coffee to brew), etc.

4) Have a question? Go ask in person – We are all lazy by nature and figure it is easier to call or email the person two offices away rather than taking the 20 steps to go ask your question in person. Go ask in person! The 10 second walk is not lost time, it would have taken just as much time for them to answer the phone… Plus, isn’t it nice to see people face-to-face every now and then?!

5) Use your Lunch Break – We have 30 minutes for lunch which is enough time to eat, but if you get into a chat it’s tough to do anything else in the time allocated. Why not eat quickly and go for a stroll with the colleague you are chatting with? A win-win for everyone!

Have a fantastic & productive week everyone!

My shoes for that: Ruffle Flats (great for work and comfortable for getting in a few extra steps)
steps at work

A special thank you to our President & CEO for recognizing the importance of wellness and healthy lifestyles for all employees. Christmas certainly came early this year!

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