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Accepting Change {Little Dude is 2!}

Everyone always says time flies. They say to cherish every moment because it goes so quickly. One minute you are waking up in the middle of the night for feedings and diaper changes while the next you are checking the oil in their car before they take off to college. 
accepting change

It is cliche, but it’s true. The minute I realized Little Dude was going to turn two I started having a small panic attack internally. Not because I didn’t know he would turn two but because once again everything would change and I still didn’t feel exactly like me.

I love consistency. I love a routine, I love having small things in my life be the same day in and day out so there is some type of constant in the crazy schedules the Mr. and I maintain. Little Dude turning two is changing some of those things… You may all think I am nuts (and I very well may be), but I have been having the hardest time to accept two things in particular: 1) Shopping in the “boy” section rather than the “baby” section and 2) The onesie undershirts don’t come in sizes any bigger than 24 months. They are the smallest of changes, but are hitting home in a big way.
accepting change
I have gone shopping for clothes for Little Dude a few times now, have gone directly to the baby section in Walmart and Carter’s looked at the new arrivals, realized they will just fit or might even be too small and then rather than going to the boy section where I should be, I leave. Yep, I just leave the store altogether. I did this a few times without realizing it but now have done it twice where I realize what I am doing. A little nutty, I know… but I guess as much as I am Little Dude’s #1 cheerleader and encouraging him all the time to learn new things and develop I was am not ready to buy size 2 clothes.

I have made some progress… my last two visits to clothing stores I have gone through the boys section. I still haven’t made any purchases, but at least I looked!

And then there are the undershirts. Little Dude has worn an undershirt almost every day of his life. Yes, even in the summer on hot days and when it is not necessary at all. He was born at the end of October so it started as a way to keep him warm, but then as he got older he started developing eczema and would scratch himself (even draw blood) on his belly especially unless he had an undershirt on. It has been a habit that just stuck to put an undershirt on him everyday.  I am panicking a little that his size 24 month undershirts are just fitting – that steady, constant, all the time thing of putting an undershirt on him is going to change very soon and I’m dreading it.
accepting change
I keep telling myself these are small changes and likely nothing compared to what will come and yet have to convince myself to be “ok” with them. Have any of you ever struggled through changes that others think are insignificant but they really get to you?

I guess as much as I kept saying I wanted him to be a toddler and do all kinds of things, I really just want to snuggle my baby a little longer…

xo Jenna

My shoes for that: Strappy Ankle Bootie in slate Blue from ModCloth
accepting change

Special thank you to Jana Doucet Photography for these moments captured of Little Dude and I

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