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Holiday Sangria

holiday sangria

You all know that I love wine and will be indulging in some of my favorites this holiday season, but sometimes a holiday cocktail is just the thing to dress up a table. Any excuse to have a fancy drink that can also be modified as a non-alcoholic beverage is a good one in my opinion.

Here is a super easy, but also super fancy recipe for you to enjoy this holiday season:
Holiday Sangria
Makes 8L
4L Box of Chardonnay (used Wallaroo Trail – box)
2L Cranberry Cocktail Juice
1.5L Club Soda
¾ Cup Sugar
Add cranberries, chopped red delicious apples (can be alternated with green pears) sprigs of rosemary. Let sit at least 2 hours before serving.
Garnish with sugared rosemary for a holiday look –

Wet sprigs of rosemary with water, roll in sugar and add to glass!
holiday sangria
Non Alcoholic Version (2 smaller mason jars)
Replace Chardonnay with non alcoholic sparkling cider. Strawberry Apple was used here and it was delicious!
holiday sangria
A few tools from The Pampered Chef to help in preparation of this Holiday Sangria and to serve:
xo Jenna
Note: As a Pampered Chef Consultant I may make a small commission if you purchase any of the products linked in this post.
Special thank you to Jana Doucet Photography for sharing her recipe 
with me (and now you!) as well as these beautiful photos.


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    This sounds so lovely! I'm pinning for New Year's!

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