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Recipe Shorts: Delicious Dishes in 140 Characters

Quick, simple, convenient and delicious.
recipe shorts
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I haven’t made time to cook a proper meal in quite some time. There are a million excuses I could give you and all of them quite valid… The Mr. and I have been travelling for work, I didn’t have time to make a grocery list, frozen lasagnas are just easier, cooking makes such a mess and takes so much time to do well… and the list goes on and on.

All of these excuses are not only true, they are my reality as a working mom – this is the moment when you nod your head and say “Amen, sister!”. 

I know, we are all busy and cooking elaborate meals doesn’t top the priority list anymore without something else equally (or even more) important suffering. Like, who has time to whip up homemade parsley pesto linguini after work, before bath and bedtime while still finding 5 minutes to play with that little person running around the house?!

This was all true until about 3 weeks ago…

Don’t get me wrong, my reality is still the same – The Mr. and I have both been travelling every week for work alternating our nights with Little Dude, my grocery notepad on the fridge seems like it will last ten years at the rate it has been used lately and thank goodness Little Dude loves PC Blue Menu Roasted Vegetable Lasagna! A subtle change happened one evening when I was getting in some steps and watching an episode of The Social that I had recorded. Andrea Stewart, the author of Recipe Shorts: Delicious Dishes in 140 Characters was a guest on the show and was talking about her new recipe book of “tweetable” recipes designed to show those who don’t think they have enough time to cook how quick and simple creating delicious dishes really can be. I was hooked and knew I needed a copy of this book!

Since receiving my copy about 3 weeks ago I have made 6 of the recipes and all but one of them have been delicious! I didn’t love the Fab French Chix (French Chicken)… it might be to other people’s taste but it wasn’t a recipe that would make my “weekly must haves” list. On the other-hand, the Parsley Pesto Pasta was AMAZING! I have made it twice already, once with linguini noodles and once with zucchini noodles.
Pesto Pasta Recipe
Whiz 2cloves grlic, bunch parsley, 1/4C ea walnuts,olv oil&gr8’d Parm. 
Toss w/1lb cookd linguini & 1t chile flakes

The recipes are short and sweet and therefore don’t go into a lot of detail, but if you’ve ever cooked before you should be able to get the hang of these short recipes without any trouble. There is also a table of contents at the beginning of the book describing what some abbreviations mean – for example: Whiz = whizz or purée or blend & EVOO = extra virgin olive oil. Here are the  5 other recipes I have tried so far:
Fish Stick Tacos
Place 1 cooked fish stick in soft taco, garnish w/avo slices, 
1/4’d cherry toms, top w/plain yogurt & cilantro
Note: I didn’t have avocado at home so added some spinach

Almond Bonbon
Mix 2/3C almnd buttr w/2C Rice Krispies, 2T maple syrup&pinch salt. 
Drop by T in unsweetened shred cocnut, roll balls, chill

Shrimp Guacamole
Mash 2 avo, 1/4t ea grlic,chile flakes, salt +2T ea lime juice,cilantro. 
Mix in 1/4lb chop’d cookd shrimp. Srv w/tortilla chips

Cherry Tomato Bake & Chicken
Brush 4 chix breasts skin on w/olv oil. 
Squeezw lemjuice ovr, sprinkle w/dried tarragon&paprika. Roast 350F oncovrd~30min

Whiz 2 pc bread,1/4C gr8’d Parm,1T parsley, 2T EVOO, 1t grlic. 
Halve 1lb cherry toms in ovenprf dish, top w/crumb,bake350F~20min

I hope you all enjoy the cookbook as much as I do!

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I would like to extend my gratitude to Andrea Stewart for providing 
me a copy of Recipe Shorts to test out! 
As always, all opinions are entirely my own.

Updated April 20, 2018

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    C. LeBlanc
    December 10, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Ok, I LOVE the idea of this recipe book! It's so quick and simple!

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