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Favorite Christmas Gifts [a full month later]

favourite christmas gifts
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It happens to parents every year… we buy all kinds of gifts thinking our children are going to LOVE them and PLAY with them for a long time but the same thing happens every January…

A whole bunch of toys are thrown to the side and forgotten about while there are one or two key things you didn’t anticipate your child really liking that haven’t left their side. I asked all of you for your input on Facebook and Instagram and here were the things that your kids are still loving a month after Christmas AND the things that you’re finally ready to admit were a waste of money:

What our kids still love 1 month later:
Ringuette Stick
Judisu uniform
Fleece PJ Pants
A Box
Dump truckl with drill to remove wheels
NASCAR diecast cars
NASCAR T-shirt
Peppa Pig Book
marble run set
My lovely friend Sarah’s boys and their marble run set
What gifts were a waste of Money:
Pink Toy Car
Crayola Kits
Remote control NASCAR

I would love to hear from you,
what else would you add to these lists?

My shoes for that: Baby Bogs (Little Dude and his cousin, Sweet E, both received a pair and both LOVE them!)

A special THANK YOU to everyone who responded to my Facebook post and Instagram Stories telling me about your children’s favourite gifts and the ones they aren’t bothering with anymore.

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