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Welcome to Russell, MB | Hometown Hostess

Russell Manitoba
Photo: @jarelroxas on Instagram
Amy and I met in university and immediately connected as two small town gals who suddenly found ourselves in Halifax, NS. We hit it off immediately – Amy has an infectious personality, loves to be on the go, is inspiring to be around and exudes all things life & fun. Her no-fuss approach makes everything feel easy going and laid back while those who know her can attest that she always has very specific strategies in place, thinks things through and lives with intention.

Amy is taking us to her hometown of Russell, Manitoba where the people are welcoming, the scenery is stunning and the place itself embraces what it means to be a community.

Let’s head to Manitoba!

Must-Do/Must-See in Russell, Manitoba
by Amy Dano

I love planning menus! And for some reason I love the thrill of trying out new recipes when my guests are there…something about the pressure of “don’t screw this up…you have guests” excites me, and thankfully, 9/10 times it’s successful. Planning for guests, I always scope out what’s in town when they are here so we can do a mix of “doing” and “doing nothing – relaxing”. I would say I’m not a super “go with the flow” person… For example, I know that if we want to see/do A, B and C in one day, that we have to map out geographically the best order to do it in, layered with opening/closing times for each, layered with the best times of the day to be at said place, layered with when and where will we eat, layered with estimated time spent at each place so it doesn’t feel rushed. AND to top it all off, as a Mom with a toddler, I add in the most significant and critical layer of ‘when will my child take a nap and where’?

Since I’m a planner I have taken the guess work out completely for your visit to Russell and am giving you a Weekend In Russell, a family fun itinerary based on a summer visit, but don’t worry, if you’d like to visit during the winter I’ve included a winter alternative for all of the seasonal suggestions. I’m at that time in my life where I can only get home to Russell once a year, sometimes for a weekend, sometimes for a week, I would like to recognize all of my friends and family who host me.

Arrival Night
Be sure to get a picture with “Arthur”!
Appetizers and Drinks at Kristie’s Neighborhood Pub at the Russell Inn. The best appetizer on the menu is their Cactus Jack Cut Potatoes! They are spicy, crispy, and oh so delicious. Get them and thank me later 😉  Pair it off with a pint of Fort Garry Pale Ale and you’re off to a great night. Meet friends and make friends at the pub. If the night is right, you may experience live musical entertainment too!

Morning Downtown
Kick off your morning at Bin 22 Coffee Co. with a Harvest Latte (Honey, espresso, steamed almond milk w/ cinnamon) and perhaps a sweet treat. While downtown, stroll along Main Street to see what’s new at Hometown Glory Boutique Clothing store, Prairie Collective Co. (artisan handiwork and prairie antiques), Cut & Dried Russell Flowers for home décor inspiration, Tin House Designs to see what’s new in the art gallery, and Blue Moon Water & Geothermal to see what’s new in their swell water bottle section. The kids will love a stop at the Russell Town Hall so they can run around the water-fountain. 
Harvest Latte – Photo: Bin 22 Coffee Co.
Lunch & Afternoon 
Pack a picnic, we’re going to the beach at Asessippi Provincial Park. While the beach may be rocky, the water is refreshing and there is always room to lay about on the grassy hill overlooking the Lake of the Prairies. Be sure to bring sunscreen, something shady, and perhaps some bug spray, for a full list of items to bring check out Meghan’s list for heading to the beach in Cavendish, PEI.  
Lake of the Prairies – Photo: Amy Dano
But before arriving at the park, why not take a quick detour to the Inglis Grain Elevators National Historic Site to see the original Five Prairie Giants. 
inglis grain elevators
Photo: @ingliselevators on Instagram
*Winter Alternative – Head to the Asessippi Ski Area & Resort to hit the slopes and winter tubing hills. Grab lunch at the hill and some hot chocolate! 

Dinner & Evening 
After a sun-filled afternoon, swing by Connie’s Drive In to get an epic homemade cheeseburger and hot fudge ice cream sundae. Spend the evening with friends in a backyard with a bonfire, drinks, and watch the sun fade into the night…you’ll be able to enjoy yourself well into the evening with the sun only setting around 10:20pm in the summer! 
Sunset in Russell – Photo: Amy Dano
Coffee & Outdoor Activities
Since you’re only here for a few days I would definitely start the morning off with a hot beverage from the TinHouse Designs & Coffee Co. Since today is your travel day again I would suggest getting some outdoor activities included in your day before making your way out of town. If you’re a golfer I would suggest heading to the greens for a quick round of golf at the Russell Golf Club, but alternatively (and perhaps better suited for those with children) you can take the family to the Russell Swimming Pool for a fun dip.
*Winter Alternatives – Hit the cross-country ski trails at Asessippi Provincial Park / Take the family to the Russell Inn Indoor Swimming Pool for a fun dip.

Dinner & Evening
Lastly, before you leave town I highly recommend stopping by the Sunday buffet at the Club Café for Manitoba’s best Chinese food! after all its always good to enjoy a great meal before packing up and heading home. Don’t forget, Russell is 4 hours from the Winnipeg airport and 3 hours from the Regina airport. 

At the end of the day there really is no place like home – I hope you enjoy you visit to Russell and share your experiences with Jenna and I 🙂

If you would like to become a Hometown Hostess and give us a tour of your hometown (or adopted hometown), filled with local flavor and the “real suggestions” of what to do, contact Jenna at jenna.l.macdonald@gmail.com with “Hometown Hostess” in the subject line.

Amy’s shoes for that: ASICS running shoes (just in case you’re also running after a toddler while on vacation!)
running shoes


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