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7 ways to spruce up your kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of the home; the place we spent the most time and yet it’s often the place we neglect. 

Heading into spring and summer I was looking for inexpensive ways (and mostly free ways!) to spruce up the kitchen and of course turned to Pinterest for some pinspiration. I got side tracked, as one does on Pinterest, and ended up looking at bathroom posts when I came across this one “3 ways to spruce up your bathroom”. Although it’s not about a kitchen it gave me the inspiration for these 7 ideas to share with you. 

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kitchen decor

1) Flowers – I love fresh flowers but sometimes it can be a pain to keep them alive. Opting for $10 or so worth of dollar flowers does the trick quite nicely and lasts all through the season. Be creative with the vase too… water glasses, mason jars, pitchers, etc. that you already have will all do the trick quite nicely and won’t cost you any money.

2) Cook Books – This may or may not be an excuse to buy a new cookbook, haha but to keep this idea as inexpensive as possible simply take an old one out of the closet and display it on a simple stand (these can be found at most dollar stores, homesense, etc). 
cook book

3) Fruit Bowls – Filling even the simplest bowl with fresh colorful fruit not only adds even more cheerful color but is also a great reminder to eat more fruit. If you’re not into fresh fruit, you can always buy a few fake lemons and limes to keep them around all season long.
fruit bowl

4) Dish Cloths – Whether you want to admit to it or not, kitchens are used all the time (as they should be). Having a few new dish clothes around is a great way to get rid of old ugly ones and spruce up the sink area.
dish cloth

5) Dish Towels – You might have guessed this one after I suggested dish cloths but this one can be even more fun! After-all there are likely area in your kitchen to hang a dish towel you’re not planing to use, but can have as a decorative accent.

dish towels

6) Candy Dish – If you’re kitchen is big enough for a fruit bowl and a candy dish I say go for it; life is all about balance! I tend to choose peppermints sine they are not too bad for me and I will only eat a few here and there. A dish of caramels would be gone in a day (or even less perhaps…), so it wouldn’t be a very economical option, haha.
candy dish

7) Fridge Magnets – I think most of us end up with a cluttered fridge after a while filled with magnets, to-do lists, artwork etc. Heading into spring and summer is a great time to take everything off and only put back a few items that help you feel refreshed and inspired. 

I hope you’re inspired by these simple ideas to spruce up your kitchen this season.

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    Gina aka East Coast Mommy
    May 29, 2018 at 12:23 pm

    Love the dish towels!

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