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Everything You Need to Know About the Ford Maintenance Protection Plan


Spring fever is in full swing and if you’re anything like the Mr and I you’re probably driving by the car dealerships a little more frequently these days. The thought of having a new set of wheels to drive around in for the summer is always so tempting. Since we purchased a new vehicle last spring we will have to hold off this year, but that’s no reason for you to wait! 
car maintenance
Today is not all about buying a new car though, it’s about what happens right after – maintenance. 

Everyone knows they will have regular maintenance to do on their vehicle even if it’s brand new but it’s something very few of us think about they day we’re buying our new car. The Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP) is an extremely good reason why we should be thinking about taking care of our cars from the moment we decide to buy them. You’re probably wondering what FMPP is all about… don’t worry, I have all of the details for you here. And to be as helpful as possible (and just inc are you don’t feel like reading about the program) you can get pretty much all of the information in this video where Mike taught me how to change a wiper blade and we chatted about FMPP.

What is FMPP?
There are more technical ways to explain this program but let me break it down in terms that make sense to all of us. Basically it’s a prepaid maintenance plan for your vehicle that is tailored to how you drive your car.

What’s Included?
FMPP covers Ford-recommended scheduled maintenance on your vehicle as outlined in the owner’s manual. Which is great and includes all kinds of normal maintenance things like getting your oil changed, rotating tires, replacing filters, etc. but here is the part that I really love… FMPP covers 8 common wear items when required due to normal wear or defect. The 8 items are:
1) Brake pads and linings
2) Brake rotors
3) Shock absorbers
4) Spark plugs
5) Wiper blades
6) Engine belts, coolant hoses/clamps/hose seals
7) Light bulbs (excludes LED/HID lamps and headlamps, unless PremiumCARE Plus! is purchased)
8) Clutch disc (manual transmission only)

I can tell you first hand that purchasing the FMPP paid for itself on my vehicles. Before I had purchased a vehicle at Hatheway Ford this type of service wasn’t offered to me and it cost me tons of money every year changing break pads, rotors, etc. (I drive A LOT and live by the beach keep in mind). I have had break pads and rotors changed in my Fords but it hasn’t cost me anything above my initial FMPP investment and has turned out the be a fraction of what I paid previously when I didn’t have the FMPP (and didn’t drive a Ford for that matter…)

Will I Save Any Money?
Yes. With everything that is included in the FMPP people save on average 40% from what their regular maintenance bills would be otherwise. I don’t know about you, but if a pair of shoes I want are 40% off I am not going to wait till next week and pay full price!
wiper blade

Am I The Right Fit?
This plan is designed for someone who wants peace of mind, convenience and flexibility while maximizing their return on investment. If that sounds like you or that it could be you, you are likely a great candidate! I was discussing this with my brother the other day (he bought an Explorer at Hatheway Ford in 2017) and he said if you would bring your clothes to a seamstress to be mended, bring your snow blower to a shop to be fixed, or are generally not mechanically inclined this is an awesome program. Which leads me to the next point…
car seat

Who Is Not The Right Fit?
Nobody really… there’s a plan for everyone whether you drive tons of kilometres (like me) or not very many at all. I would have to say though, the car owner who drives under 10,000km per year or is an automotive mechanic may not get the full advantage of the program. If you’re like my brother and drive a fairly low number of kilometres in a year, know how to change your own oil, and can do a thorough inspection of your vehicle you may not get the full benefit of the program even though it is obvious way more convenient than worrying about doing these maintenance tasks yourself. 
hatheway ford

I have purchased the FMPP on three vehicles now and can honestly say that the Mr and I both love it! We already know that when we buy our next car we will purchase the FMPP again.

“Life if complicated; taking care of your vehicle should be easy.”

My Shoes for That: Keds Chillax Sneakers (in blue “blue jean” to match my Explorer)

This post is sponsored by Hatheway Ford in Bathurst, NB
 As always, all opinions are entirely my own.
Call Julie or Josh to find out more about the FMPP & just
how easy it is for you to get into a Hatheway Ford.

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