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We are the Champions!

We are the champions! The Acadie Bathurst Titan, our regional team are the winners of the 2018 MasterCard Memorial Cup for the first time in franchise history. 

You guys know I’m a huge sports fan, but you likely don’t know what a championship like this means for my community and all of Northern New Brunswick for that matter. You see, since the Titan arrived in Bathurst 20 years ago they gave the entire region something to cheer for. 

I am lucky enough to remember the first season the Titan were in town. I was in grade 8 and attended my first game on a class trip. It was the highest level of hockey I had ever seen in person and was an event I will never forget; we had popcorn, we cheered, we were part of something and in fact the team went on the win the President’s Cup that season!

For the next 4 seasons (all through my high school years) I went to almost every game with my dad… I met up with my two best friends, watched every game, knew every player, followed the stats and was a complete Titan fan. Having the team in town gave us something to be proud of and provided great entertainment. Much like it still does today…

The history is important because there were many “not so great years” to follow. The team was pretty bad for a while, attendance dropped and there was talk of the team leaving town for a few seasons in a row. 

Thankfully, 4 years ago, a group of local business people stepped up to the plate and bought the team to ensure it would remain part of our community. They invested a lot of their own hard earned money to take a chance on a team that could become great again. And little by little the team started to bring back the spirit to the community like it had in its first season. Attendance started going up, they won more games and people we proud to be Titan fans once again.

Not only will there be crowds of people at the Bathurst Airport ready to greet our regional team Monday afternoon, but we can all say thank you to those business people for taking a gamble, be proud that they were right and enjoy being the 2018 MASTERCARD MEMORIAL CUP CHAMPIONS!

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