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3 Fancy Baby Items that were a WASTE of Money

Little Dude – 8 days old

As new parents we have likely all been victim to the “new, shiny, expensive” syndrome and wanting to have all the BEST things for our new little ones. I was pretty good, or at least I feel that I was pretty good, at avoiding buying all kinds of gadgets and things I knew I wouldn’t’ need.

But, I’m not perfect and there were a few items that I purchased and that I still see advertised all the time that I honestly feel are not worth the money.
In an effort to save you a few dollars, here are three “fancy” baby items I purchased and the reason I didn’t get the value out of them:
1) Boon Spoon – I know what you’re thinking… you’ve seen me talk about this spoon positively and even included it in my Road Trip with Baby post some time ago. Well, that was before I realized (and admitted) Little Dude wasn’t a fan of ANY homemade purees and actually LOVED store bought packets. Thankfully I included these little spoons that fit on the top of a store bought package (food pouch spoons) in he post as well. You can find them for a fraction of the price, they are less mess/clean up and give the exact same on-the-go convenience for feeding babies.

2) Bath Spout Cover – Before I tell you why I think this is a waste of money I have to give a shout out to the brand… I have almost the entire Moby Bath Set by Skip Hop and LOVE all of the items I own (bath kneeler, elbow rest and the waterfall bath rinser) except for the bath spout cover. Here is why I don’t like it… it gets dirty, serves no essential purpose and really just kind of gets in the way for anyone other than baby using the bath/shower. Call me old school, but I would say ditch this gadget or any version of it all-together and just use the regular bath spout as it is.
water spout

3) The Happy Plate – It looks like the next best thing… it sticks to your child’s high chair or table supposedly and makes i more challenging for babies to throw their plate on the ground. Well, Little Dude was up for the challenge! The Happy Plate had nothing on him and ended up being a waste of money since it ended up being just a fancy plate. The children’s plates from IKEA ($1.99/6) on the other hand have been a great success offering the same type of ridge for easier eating as The Happy Plate offers at a fraction of the price. And, there are 6 of them which means you don’t have to wash it after each and every meal to use them.
I hope after reading this I have possibly saved you all a few dollars! Don’t forget to save this post and share it with other parents to help them save a few dollars too 🙂
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My shoes for that: Baby Sneakers… and for $6 how can you go wrong?!

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