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How to Crack & Eat a Lobster


I have been out for dinner on countless occasions where my colleagues, friends and sometimes even family have no idea how to go about cracking a lobster in order to eat it. Many of you will think it is perfectly normal to not know how to do this, but where I come from there are a few basic life skills that you are taught at a very young age: ice skating, skipping rocks, and cracking/eating lobster.

Me 🙂

Eating lobster in a group setting or with new people is always interesting because even though some are experienced and some are not everyone usually tackles the task a little differently and with a variety of tools. In my case, I often use an actual tool which you will see in the video 🙂

I hope this video helps guide you through your next lobster meal and allows you to enjoy it even more with a few simple tricks to make the cracking a breeze. Now, let’s get cracking!

At home we often pair lobster with pasta salad of some kind, potato salad, rolls and a veggie tray to round out the meal. But if you’re anything like me just the lobster, a fresh roll and a delicious glass of white wine does the trick.
If you have any tips or tricks you think I should try next time be sure to let me know! I recently used wire cutters for the first time on the claws and have to say they made the job incredibly easy (even replaced my hammer, although the hammer is way more fun!)
My shoes for that: Red Havaiana Flip Flops

flip flops

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From the video:

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    Sarah Birch
    May 3, 2019 at 9:25 am

    That photo of you is so cute! I like how you highlighted a lot of wines in the video, too.

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