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Coronation Park | Bathurst, NB

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick
In the heart of downtown Bathurst, Coronation Park is one of the larger parks in the area and is home to a modern, accessible playground and splash pad.

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick
The playground has many features but I would say is best suited for children over 3. The accessible ramps make it easy for younger children to run on but the toys, slides and ladders are geared for older toddlers or those who are pretty steady on their feet. Little Dude likes this playground and can manage a lot of it, but it gets pretty busy in the summer months with older kids making it a little more difficult for him to get around. We still go to this park regularly even though Little Dude is under 3, but we tend to go on cooler days or days when there will be less kids on the structures.

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick
Little Dude calls this playground “The Color Park” and you can see why! It’s vibrant colors and easy on the feet surface make it quite attractive.

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick
This climber is pretty intense! I have seen a few kids attempt it, but I haven’t seen any of them make it the whole way around… future playground climbing goal maybe for Little Dude?! haha

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick
As you can tell there are still things for little kids to do at this park, not to mention the swings…

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick
And, it has a splash pad! This is the only splash pad in the city so take note for your summer visits and vacation planning 🙂

Coronation Park Bathurst New Brunswick

The playground is located on Burns Drive in Bathurs. The parking lot and playground area of the park are located across the street from the main entrance of the Bathurst Aquatic Center located at 558 King Ave, Bathurst. 

Playground Structures: 1 large main structure with wheel chair accessible play areas
Swings: 2 swings, a baby swing and an accessible swing
Other: climber, climber hippo and play car

Bathrooms? Yes
Proximity to the road? Far from the road and the playground and splash pad areas are also enclosed with a fence.
Parking? Lots of parking located next to the park (next to Bathurst High School)
Pet Friendly? Not in the playground however pets are welcome to walk through the park on the trails
Benches? Yes, several
Splash Pad? Yes!

Bonus: The playground is located in a larger park that has asphalted walking trails (awesome for strollers!), plenty of green space, basketball court, baseball fields and even an outdoor fitness are for adults.
Coronation Park

My shoes for that: Kids water shoes from Walmart

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