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DIY Crib Rail Protector

I’m not really sure why it seems that as soon as a baby learns to stand in their crib they almost immediately become little beavers. 
crib rail protector

I know that cribs now a days don’t have lead based paint or harmful chemicals but it just seems wrong to allow your baby to shew on a piece of furniture. My mom was having the same issue at her house and so we both came up with simple DIY solutions to the problem. 

At my house…

I used the end of Little Dude’s bed skirt which was not being used since the crib only allows for a skirt to be shown on both long sides of the crib and not on the ends.
crib bed skirt
I cut one of the ends off, hot glued velcro pieces to either side and then secured it over the railing where Little Dude consistently went for a chew. 
craft supplies
It worked perfectly and was secure enough that he couldn’t get it off. 

Piece of fabric, hot glue gun, hemming tape, iron, scissors and self-adhesive Velcro strips 
Baby in crib

At my mom’s house…

Mom had a genius idea that covered the entire railing. She used a piece of flannel fabric to cover the railing and since it was a challenge to sew, she ties knots all along. How simple is this solution?!
DIY crib rail protector

crib rail protector
Long piece of flannel fabric

Simple, easy and effective 🙂

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