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Franey Mountain, Cape Breton Island

We leave for Cape Breton in less than two weeks so I couldn’t resist sharing yet another great hiking trail, Franey Mountain, from along the world famous Cabot Trail with all of you.

Franey Mountain

We hiked up Franey Mountain last summer on our “date day”, as they say parents who hike mountains together… well I’m not really sure what “they” say but if you can hike mountains together and parent together in my books you’re doing something well together as a couple.

Of course, I couldn’t resist stopping at the Clucking Hen on our way to the base of the mountain (in Ingonish). We split a sub since it was lunch time and bought a date bar for the road (appropriate, right?!). I did buy some butter tarts, I mean who can resist… but I used every ounce of will-power within me and didn’t eat them (that day…).
Franey Mountain
The climb up Franey is really not that bad! The vast majority of the sections are more of an uphill walk then a climb and there are some flat spots in between to give you a break and let you catch your breath before heading back to an incline.  Based on the trail rating through Parks Canada I was expecting it to be harder, but was certainly happy it wasn’t. It was just the right amount of incline to get your heart pumping and really make you feel like you will deserve a butter tart, yet just the right amount of flat to maintain a conversation throughout the hike. Since this was our date day, having the ability to speak to each other and not be out of breath was a plus!
Franey Mountain
Franey Mountain
The views at the top were stunning. I can only imagine what they would look like in the fall with the deep blue colors of the Atlantic contrasted against the colorful hillsides. It must be outstanding in the fall!.
Franey Mountain
Even though the view was not 100% clear on the day we went it was still better than the pictures do it justice. From this angle you see the Keltic Lodge, Highland Links golf course and of course the Atlantic Ocean.
Franey Mountain
From the other side of the lookouts you see deep into the river valley and into the mountain range.
The hike took us about 2 hours to complete doing the full circle (shown in one of the pictures above) beginning and ending at the parking lot of course. We thought this hike might be a little too difficult to carry Little Dude along for the ride based on the trail rating but having done it now we would definitely bring him along on the next hike up Franey Mountain since it wasn’t as bad as we thought and the views would make for some awesome family pictures 😉
Franey Mountain

We have so many trails yet to hike in Cape Breton and always love getting your recommendations on which one we should try next and of course where they best snacks are along the way! Let me know in the comments below or on any of my social feeds 🙂

Happy hiking y’all!

xo Jenna


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