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Travelling with a Potty Training Toddler

We have been in potty training mode for about two months now and although Little Dude took to peeing almost right away he still has accidents from time to time and is not great a pooping on the toilet. He tends to do the best when we are on the road, I think because we are more conscience of asking him and getting him to try more frequently than he does at home or at daycare.

Between now and the end of the year we have at least 3 road trips planned where we will be driving for 4 or more hours which made me start thinking about the best tips and tricks I could offer to help parents travelling whith potty training toddler.
potty training

1) Bring a potty with you
This might feel weird to do, but let me assure you if the little one in the back seat starts saying they have to pee or poop and you don’t have a potty with you things get pretty complicated pretty quickly! If you happen to have a boy this is much simpler for the peeing, but the down side is they think it’s pretty fun to pee on the grass and then don’t want to use the potty or a toilet the rest of the trip… make you life easy, bring the potty! Having some lysol wipes and a garbage bag on hand are a bonus.

2) Bring a toilet seat
When you make it to a rest-stop in time this little tool makes life WAY easier than trying to hold your little one over a likely not so clean public restroom toilet seat. Save you back, less germs, clean it with the lysol wipes you have in the car and motor on.

3) Use Pull Ups
I struggle with this one a little bit because I don’t want Little Dude to think its ok to go because he has a pull up on and other parents have told me letting them use pull ups is not going to help potty training at home. That said, if there are accidents in the car (especially during the first few weeks of potty training), changing a pull up is so much simpler than having wet or poopy underwear to deal with. 

4) Limit water intake during travel
This is a pretty obvious suggestion, but it is the best way I can think of to eliminate accidents while travelling regardless if you’re in a car, a plane, a boat or a train.

5) Don’t wait for them to ask!
Seriously though… if you little one is having fun in the back seat, watching a iPad or playing eye-spy they are not going to think to let you know that they need to pee. Don’t wait for them to ask and better yet don’t give them the option to say “I no need to pee” when you are at a pit stop. Do yourself a favor and make it a habit that when you stop (and every time you stop) they at least have to try.

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have more tips I’d love to hear them – leave me a comment or feel free to message me on any of my social media channels:


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