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Best Fall Hikes with Kids in Northern New Brunswick

fall hike
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Hiking in the fall will forever be my favorite. The leaves and scenery in Atlantic Canada are stunning this time of year, the air is crisp and the fresh scent of nature surrounds you. With or without kids, fall hiking is just simply the best.
fall family fun
I live in northern New Brunswick and so wanted to share some ideas of where to hike and where to get the best fall views. On top of that, not everyone loves to hike so I made sure to include trails of varying lengths that all offer spectacular views! Oh, and of course all of the hikes are kid friendly whether they be in a carrier or make the trek themselves.
fall hikes

Daley Point

Located in the city of Bathurst you will feel like you’re far from a city when you enter Daley Point Nature Reserve. There are 7.5km of trails with a variety of trails (and lengths) to choose from whether you’re a bird lover, want to see the water or want to be immersed among the trees. All of the trails are very well-kept but do have tree roots growing through them so be sure to watch your step and hold hands with the really little ones as they make their way through.
On your way in or out of the park stop by the interpretive center and say “Hi” to Janet, she is there almost all the time and loves meeting new visitors.

Sugarloaf Provincial Park

You can walk, bike, climb or simply stop in for lunch to enjoy the views at Sugarloaf Provincial Park. If you’re up for the challenge the best views are found at the top of Sugarloaf Mountain where you overlook the Bay of Chaleur, the City of Campbellton and the mouth of the Restigouche River. 
The walking trail around the mountain is 4km and has a few hills, but nothing major – the connection to go up the mountain is located about halfway around the mountain and is 0.72km up (and then the same trail back down).

Jacquet River Gorge

The Jacquet River Gorge is one of New Brunswick’s best kept secrets that requires only a short walk in order to see something you might have thought you had to travel far away to see. Located in my hometown of Belledune the best way to access the Gorge is to park at the snowmobile and then take the short walk in where you will be greeted by Paul, his decorations and his cabin that he opens to all visitors. Don’t be shy… head down to the deck for amazing views wildlife and bird watching. Paul has a guestbook for you to sign and loves answering questions and telling stories about the Gorge.

French Fort Cove

This trail has been on my list of “things to do” all summer and has now become our Thanksgiving weekend hiking plan. I have heard great things from many people in Bathurst and Miramichi who all talk about the trails as having great views of the water, colorful trees in the fall and easy trails for little ones to navigate. 

Pabineau Falls

Waterfalls and colorful leaves… need I say more? Located just outside of Bathurst Pabineau Falls is a great place to visit in the summer, but in the fall the trails are free of bugs and the smell from the falls is much more pronounced. You can hike along the Nepisiguit River or simply have a look at the falls just a short walk from the parking area. If you are local (or well prepared with changes of clothes in your car) my suggestion is to do this location twice. Once to hike and just have fun and another time to take a family photo (maybe with nicer, non-hiking clothes on) with the view of the falls and the colorful leaves as nature’s perfect backdrop.
Be sure to share the FALLspiration with your friends and family 🙂 
What are your favorite fall activities?
xo Jenna

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