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Holiday Baking Planner

holiday baking planner

We have been having family holiday baking parties since 2015 and after three years we are finally starting to get organized and get the hang of how to really make this work. 

There isn’t much to it… or so you may think but when it comes down to it there is more organizing that needs to be done for things to run smoothly and for people not to be running to the grocery store halfway through the day for extra supplies etc. I’m almost baffled that I hadn’t thought of making a spreadsheet up until this year – I have a spreadsheet for pretty much everything and every event in my life (I’m a nerd, I know… but an organized one!). I figured if I needed one there is good chance you might all need one too but you might not find making spreadsheets “fun” like me, haha.
holiday baking planner

Whether you are baking this holiday season as a group or by yourself this planner should help you plan the day and be prepared to tackle multiple recipes at the same time. If you think this post would be helpful to others please share & pin, it would mean so much to me.

Happy Baking!

My shoes for that: Dark Green Suede Heels, because looking fancy while baking is half the battle 😉

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