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Experience Gift Guide for Kids

Kids these days have more than they could ever need when it comes to “stuff” and so even though most of us (including me!) will not be able to resist buying more stuff to wrap and have under the tree this holiday season I am trying to encourage experience based gifts for Little Dude.
Experience Gift Guides For Kids
Not only are experience far more valuable in the long term but the memories they create, the family time they encourage and the pure experience they afford our children are worth far more than the dollar value associated with them.
Experience Gift Guide for Kids
1) Swimming / Swimming Lessons (Dalhousie & Bathurst)
4) Events Tickets (Paw Patrol Live, The Wiggles, etc)
5) Skating Passes
6) Soccer Registration (or another activity like dance, skating, etc)
9) Night at a local Hotel (kids LOVE hotels!)
I based majority of these gift guide suggestions on activities and experiences available in Bathurst, NB or the surrounding area.
Curious about what might be available in your city? I am thrilled to provide you with Expereince Gift Guides for Kids specific to 5 Atlantic Canadian Cities:

Let me know if you have more ideas! I’d love to add them to my lists 🙂

Less stuff is more fun  Clutter Free Gift Ideas for Kids

xo Jenna


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