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Gift Ideas for Mom To Be

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This holiday season is the first one (and I expect will be the last one) that I am pregnant. That said, a lot of our family members have been asking me what I want this year and to be honest a lot of what I want is not really pregnancy related, but there are a few things that are “special” on my list this year and that I suspect other pregnant mamas might be hoping to receive as well. To help those who might be holiday shopping or possibly even baby shower shopping and looking for something special I put together this gift guide for mom-to-be. Here we go…

gift guide for mom to be
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I am not a huge reader but all of these books would make my list, especially as an expecting parent.
1) Preggatinis – I do not own this book but should! Especially for a holiday season where others will be enjoying fancy beverages all around me.
2) Girl, wash your face – I am reading this book right now and have been loving it. It applies to women in all stages of life and helps give tips about getting over the lies you have been telling yourself without even realizing it. A great book for women in business, moms and anyone trying to grow as an individual.
3) Recipe Shorts – I LOVE this cook book and can never say enough about it. It literally gives you the tools to make delicious dishes in 140 characters or less. It’s not only good for quick delicious meals (like every new mom will need…) but is perfect for everyone who wants to try new recipes without all the fuss.
4) Open Heart, Open Mind – I received this book two years ago for Christmas and enjoyed reading from Clara’s perspective and hearing about her story. I am a huge sports fan and have loved watching Clara’s career as a professional athlete but hearing the behind the scenes made me appreciate and admire her that much more.
Whether you’re pregnant or not a little sparkle added in your life never hurts.
5) Mama Necklace – this little beauty from Stella & Dot is at the top of my Christmas list this year. I love how simple it is and can attest from other Stella & Dot chains that it is strong enough to ensure baby pulls.
6) Gold Zariah Studs – simply put, babies pull on earrings and earrings will fall to the bottom of your priority list… simple but elegant studs that you can wear for a week at a time are a great way to help mama feel put together even for 3 am feedings.
Christmas time and pregnancy together sounds like a time to be as comfy cozy as you can possibly be.
7) Robe – When I was pregnant for Little Dude I bought a black robe for the hospital and love it so much I still wear it. For this pregnancy I bought a floral robe (I simply couldn’t wait for Christmas…) to have before giving birth and to “fancy” myself up a bit in the hospital this time around.
8) Compression Socks – I mean if you’re going to buy someone compression socks (that they need whether they want to admit it or not) they might as well be in fun patterns!
9) UGG Ansley Slippers – Yes, they are over the top when it comes to slippers, but making a pregnant mama happy is priceless right?! These have been on my list for several years now… oh, and did I mention they come in a whole bunch of fun colors? (they do!)
10) Mama Bear Sweater – I have been eyeing these sweaters on Pinterest for what seems like forever and have yet to purchase one… hint hint family 😉

PAMPERED MAMA Let’s be real, every mom loves being pampered!

11) Spa day / Pedicure / Massage – I think it goes without saying that some spa time for an expecting mom is simply a delightful treat. I the mom you’re buying for already has a little one at home consider adding in a babysitting offer so she can actually go without figuring out schedules at home etc.
12) Nail Polish Gift Set – having nail polish at home is going to come in handy for the new mom that wants to keep her nails looking top notch, but might not have time (or may run out of gift certificates) to go to the spa. Holiday colors are such a fun choice since they work year-round.
13) Dior Glow Lip Gloss – This lip gloss has been my go-to for years now… I love everything about it, always travel with it and it is definitely going to be in my hospital bag for a little extra glow (not to mention help with dry hospital air…)
14) Epsom Salts – I personally am not a bath person, but after receiving feedback from many of you on Facebook knew I had to include Epsom salts; they were a hugely popular suggestion from expecting moms.


Even for an expecting mom, sometimes its the simplest and most obvious ideas that make a world of difference. Not to mention, they are often the things we keep putting off buying for ourselves…
15) Snoogle Total Body Pillow – I don’t have anything to base this recommendation on other than SO many people have told me I should buy one of these and yet I still haven’t invested making it the perfect gift. Something everyone thinks you’ll love but you won’t buy for yourself.
16) Bio-Oil – I had this oil during my first pregnancy and really didn’t love the feel (I’m not big on oily things…) but the results were worth it! I have very poor elasticity and did not get many stretch marks during my fist pregnancy I think in large part because I used Bio-Oil.
17) Hot Water Bottle – I use done of these for the first time only a few days ago at a a friend’s house and let’s just say I’ve already added it to my online cart for my next order.
18) Hospital Bag – A friend suggested to me buying a hospital bag and filling it with essentials. I love this idea but know it could get pretty pricey to buy everything… I think opting for an awesome hostel bag would be ideal and is something that mom can use afterwards for many other overnight trips etc.


19) Netflix subscription – who wouldn’t want access to all kinds of shows they haven’t had time to watch during the normal hectic schedule of work etc and unlimited access to kids shows on demand?!
20) Baby Pics App – I bought this app at the end of my pregnancy for Little Dude and wish I would have had it earlier to take advantage of some of the fun pregnancy stickers it offers too. I used this app for MANY pictures of Little Dude including his monthly photos and loved it.
21) Bluetooth Headphones – I don’t have a pair, but would certainly love a set for after baby is born and I want to quietly (and cordlessly…is that a word?!) watch instastories or something on Netflix without disturbing baby.

22) Tripod – whether this is used for taking maternity photos or pictures that have mom included in them with baby having this tool on hand is going to come in handy for years to come. I have since purchased this tripod as well and LOVE it!


If there is one thing I have no intention on doing it is staying home all the time. So, being prepared with some gear to make being “on the go” easier for both mom and baby are great gift ideas.
23) Kate Spade Wallet / Clutch – Not only is this a great idea for any woman, but for a mom-to-be it is the ideal way to keep your money and pone handy without digging through diaper bags, back packs, etc. and still maintaining the use of both hands. I still use a clutch in my purse and think this one (in black, gold or pink) would be a great treat to own making it an awesome gift choice.
24) Baby Bag – A baby bag doesn’t have to have characters all over it or look like something a child would carry; I highly recommend opting for something classic and stylish to replace the handbag that any new mama will not be able to carry along with all of the abby stuff she’ll need on hand.
25) S’well Water Bottle – baby or no baby, these water bottles are the best to keep your water cold (or hot) on the go.

My Shoes for That: Blundstone boots (since I’m pregnant and these boots or a pair similar are on my Christmas list)

xo Jenna
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