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New Year’s Resolution – Hope is NOT a Strategy

I don’t always make New Year’s resolutions but when I do they tend to be lofty goals that are essentially unachievable or very aspirational (see an example of such a year here and keep in mind this was me trying to “tone it down”; oh, how hindsight is 20/20!). 

This year is going to be different. OK let’s be real, it’s not going to be all that different from a goal setting perspective, but with a new little one expected soon and 2019 being spent on maternity/parental leave it does have a whole different feel to it. 

After many conversations about our relationship and setting intentions for our lives without being caught up in “being busy” or “not having time” the Mr and I decided on a resolution that will become a habit that will become our new normal. 

Date Nights – Our Way

Let me explain… we both know (The Mr and I that is) it is unrealistic to expect to have a babysitter lined up for two kids every week and at the same time the goal is not necessarily to spend time without them as much as it is to spend intentional time together, as a couple, as a family, etc. To accomplish this here is the schedule we have set out to have (PS we chose Wednesday night as date night):

January – family date, parents only, family date, parents only, family date

February – flex month (anything goes since we will have a newborn) with a goal of Little Dude getting to go on at least one date night this month. 

March & the rest of the year – three week rotating schedule:
Week 1 – The Mr & Little Dude / Me & Baby
Week 2 – Me & Little Dude / The Mr & Baby
Week 3 – The Mr & I 

Admittedly, March might be a bit aspirational, but we’re planning for it!

How do we intend to do this? 
Well, it’s simple. We are planning for success and not hoping for it. I was listening to an episode of the Rise Together podcast yesterday where they (Rachel & Dave Hollis) talk about how they organize their family and plan out their lives as a couple etc. and everything is based around planning and the fact that “Hope is not a strategy”. We have babysitters lined up for January and lists of date night ideas ready to be implemented… all in all I’d say we’re off to a good start. 

We had our first date night last night (Wednesday, January 2, 2019) which was a huge success filled with all the things Little Dude wanted to do. We went to Dollarama where he was allowed to choose 3 items to buy followed by dinner at Pizza Delight (or as he calls it the “Strawberry Restaurant” because he thinks the tomato in the logo is a strawberry) and we ended the family date night watching team Canada in the World Junior Hockey Championship all snuggled up on the couch downstairs (a treat for Little Dude since he is normally not allowed downstairs to go to sleep). 
Little Dude with his cheeky grim and haul of 3 items from Dollarama
Owning the Family Date Night colouring place mats
If you made a New Year’s resolution this year let me know what it is! I love hearing from you all 🙂 

My shoes for that: Keds by Kate Spade (these are also my “shoe of the year” for 2019)

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    Cindy Doucet
    January 3, 2019 at 6:16 pm

    Great resolution ? time with family is priceless and as a couple important as well ??

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