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Romantic Getaways in Atlantic Canada

Did you know “travel is a way to even temporarily provide the goal os living life for its own sake, apart from the drudgery of daily reponsibility and routine. It helps with personal growth and appreciation, and can also benefit mood and intellect.” according to Psychology Today. No wonder I love planning trips I may never take or searching the internet for locations that I’ve never been, never heard of and dream of going to see. Even just the thought of travel is proven to have many mental benefits, but if you’re so inclined, why not hop in the car and enjoy a little getaway?
Romantic Getaways in Atlantic Canada #romance #travel #romanticgetaway #explorecanada
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Exploring places within Atlantic Canada has been a priority for me lately. I guess you could say I am taking a page out of my parent’s book when they told as children we had to see our own country first in order to appreciate the rest of the world. There are so many places, beautiful places, in our own regions that sometimes we get caught up in the cluster of the French Polynesian and think that’s the only place to go if you want to have a romantic getaway. This couldn’t be any further from the truth! In fact, exploring your home can be one of the most rewarding and romantic getaway destinations there is.
Did I mention babysitters and kids?! Oh yeah, just another reason to stay a little closer to home especially if you have really young children. If you’re anything like me you don’t want to waste a precious moment of babysitting time, which means limiting travel times as much as possible and getting to the destination as comfortably as possible to enjoy your time away. As much as I love getting away to far off places on an airplane you can’t beat time together in the car. The Mr and I have had almost every important conversation together while driving and typically while on a road trip, we’ve made huge life decisions in the car, we’ve planned out business ventures, we’ve talked about the awkward things you don’t want to bring up at home and we’ve also sat in silence holding hands singing along to our favourite tunes. Sidebar: We don’t hold hands, so this is a big deal for us!
December 2017 Getaway in our Explorer
In no particular order, here are the Romantic Getaways in Atlantic Canada that have captured my attention either through google searches, on social media or recommendations from friends:
Romantic Getaways in Atlantic Canada #romance #travel #romanticgetaway #explorecanada

Trout Point Lodge 

Do you ever scroll through Instagram and look at all the beautiful places to stay, wilderness getaways and peaceful retreats? Me too. I have come across Trout Point Lodge so many times that it has officially made my romantic getaway list. Located in Kemptville, Nova Scotia it is a decent drive from my home providing lots of time for great car conversation, perhaps a winery detour in the Annapolis Valley and of course taking in some of the wildly luxurious experiences they offer on site.
Photo: @troutpointlodge on Instagram

Fogo Island Inn

A friend of mine told me his story of travelling to Fogo Island in his westfalia van where he camped along the way with his wife, bought fish from local wharves and then enjoyed a luxurious stay when they finally arrived after driving all the way from Montreal, Quebec to Joe Batt’s Arm, Newfoundland and Labrador. His description of the place, but more so the experience sky rocketed my interest in the Fogo Island Inn. This place is certainly a more expensive option (for both the travel and the accommodations) but what an experience it would be? Someday, we will go.

The Algonquin Resort

My parents honeymooned at The Algonquin Resort in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick so it has always been known to me as a romantic location and not one to bring the kids. We visited Saint Andrews in the summer of 2018 with Little Dude and loved it! The town is quaint, has a fantastic playground and great little cafés – we saved staying at The Algonquin for a romantic getaway however.

Treetop Haven 

Where treehouses and domes collide for what looks like an entirely unique experience in Mount Tryon, Prince Edward Island. Treetop Haven is open year round and combines some of the newest trends in accommodations by coming a treehouse feel with a dome experience. Complete with a private hot tub I can’t wait to try out this romantic island destination.

Oceanstone Seaside Resort

Close to Peggy’s Cove, one of Nova Scotia’s top tourist destinations, Oceanstone Seaside Resort  is located in Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia. I had the opportunity to visit the resort in 2017 and tour the various rooms and cabins. Ever since that visit with a group of blogging friends I have wanted to go back and spend a weekend with the Mr or even with the family.
Photo: @oceanstoneseasideresort on Instagram

Cielo Glamping Maritime

Cielo Glamping Maritime is New Brunswick’s newest destination in Haut-Shippagan, New Brunswick opens in winter 2019 and is sure to be a hit. We have a booking all set for the opening season to stay as a family in a two bedroom dome where we intend to combine a romantic getaway with a small family beach side adventure. For families with small children having gourmet food available as well as our own kitchen, a private wood fired hot tub outside the dome and a shallow water beach I simply can’t wait for our stay! 

Artisan Inn & Vacation Home

Back in 2013 we visited Trinity, Newfoundland and Labrador and stayed in one of the vacation homes owned by Artisan Inn. The town was delightful! It’s off the beaten track a little bit so quiet as you might expect a town with 20 or so year round inhabitants to be. The town was filled with historic charm, color, great food, theatre and of course like every small town in Newfoundland stories that will have you wondering if they’re really true, but will have you bent in two laughing either way.

The Great George

Located in historic Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island I have walked by this boutique hotel so many times but have never had the chance to go in or stay there. The photos online look stunning, inviting and exactly like the perfect place for a romantic getaway not too far from home.

Auberge de la Vallée

You can’t really get much closer than 4 km from your house now can you? I have been to Auberge de la Vallée as a spa customer several times, but have never stayed at this little retreat in Bathurst, New Brunswick. This little spot is tucked away in a corner of the city that makes you feel as though you are far into the wilderness. You can watch deer grazing, snow falling peacefully in the winter and of course enjoy the French bistro, spa and whirlpool, sauna and pool.

Telegraph House Hotel

The Mr is from Baddeck, Nova Scotia so admittedly we have never stayed at any of the hotels or cottages available, however The Telegraph House comes up again and again when I’m speaking with travel enthusiasts, friends who have gone around the famous Cabot Trail (which is always rated one of the most romantic places to visit!) and tourists always rage about their stay, the view and the food. Needless to say I think we are going to have to make this a “staycation” of sorts, after all we have babysitters right in Baddeck!
Romantic Getaways in Atlantic Canada #romance #travel #romanticgetaway #explorecanada
All driving distances and times were sourced from Google Maps 
Trout Point Lodge – 7hrs 20 mins & 713 km
The Algonquin Resort – 4 hrs 25 mins & 392 km
Fogo Island Inn – 23 hrs & 1,504 km (you might want to fly for this one!)
Auberge de la Vallée – 4 minutes & 4 km
Treetop Haven – 3hr 15 mins & 309 km
Oceanstone Seaside Resort – 5 hrs & 496 km
Artisan Inn & Vacation Home – 23 hrs & 1,623 km (you might want to fly for this one too!)
Cielo Glamping Maritime – 1 hr 20 mins & 101 km
The Great George – 4 hrs & 354 km
Telegraph House Hotel – 6 hrs & 622 km
If you go to any of these locations let me know! 
I’d love to hear what you thought 🙂
xo Jenna
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Romantic Getaways in Atlantic Canada #romance #travel #romanticgetaway #explorecanada

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