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Family Staycation Ideas

There are a few favourite family staycation ideas that I wanted to share with all of you, but you might first be wondering “what’s the difference between a date night and a staycation?”.Family Staycation Ideas The difference in our family has to do with the sleeping arrangements. We do regular date nights as a family and as a couple that consist of all the date night ideas you can think of, but we always end up at home and sleep in our own beds. A staycation on the other hand (by our definition) means we are not sleeping in our regular beds with our regular arrangements. We are still close to home or possibly even at home, so it is not considered vacation. Basically, it is the happy medium between a date night and a vacation – a staycation.

Do I have you wondering what you might do for a family staycation? Not to worry, you can take advantage of all the benefits of a staycation with my list of family staycation ideas:

Family Staycation Ideas - Local Hotel Stay

1. Backyard Camping – a great way to have the little ones experience camping with all of the amenities of home at your fingertips. Make sure to have a campfire (should your location permit it) and make s’mores to really get the full experience.

2. Night at a hotel – by far my favorite family staycation idea and not to mention it gets rave reviews from the kids. I’m not sure what it is about kids and hotels, but they simply LOVE hotels!

3. Sleepover / Slumber Party – kids all sleep in one room and maybe Mom and Dad even join in for the slumber party. Pair this staycation idea with a movie night and you’ve just made everyone happy for the cost of popcorn!

4. Cottage – at the beach, in the woods, anywhere that is peaceful and has great places to encourage outdoor exploring and simple fun. Oh, and don’t forget the s’more ingredients yet again!

5. House Swap – I’ve never done this, but it would be a way to get the same benefits of an overnight staycation at a hotel or cottage without the rental costs. The ultimate goal is to “get away”. Not only would you accomplish the goal for the family but two families would benefit. I’m sure there are a few things to consider in order for this to work well, but in my head I am picturing the perfect “Holiday” scenario.

6. Camp Out – when I was a child and we slept at my grandparent’s house they always called sleeping in the basement “camping out”. Throw a mattress or some couch cushions on the floor, build a blanket fort if you’re really ambitious, play board games and enjoy “camping out”.

Do you have more family staycation ideas?

Let me know, I’d love to add your idea to the list.

xo Jenna


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