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How to plan a girls’ weekend getaway

How to plan a girls weekend getaway
Getting girl friends together especially when your hometowns are spread across the country can be a huge challenge. But, like anything that presents a challenge, it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do. After meeting each other 15 years ago at Saint Mary’s University this group of ladies has stayed in touch and been together for weddings, special events, the odd getaway and more, but this is the first time that we have all been in one place since about 10 years ago. Planning a girls’ weekend getaway was well overdue!
simple steps to plan your next weekend getaway
1) Secure a date
Securing a date that works for everyone might seem like the most obvious planning tip out there. It is certainly obvious, but it is also the key to making the girls’ weekend getaway a reality.
2) Find a place that exudes relaxation
How to plan a girls weekend getaway
In our case finding a vacation rental away from everything was key. We wanted a girls’ weekend to spend time with each other first and foremost so having distractions in cities or lists of things to do and see was not at the top of our priority list.
How to plan a girls weekend getaway
We really wanted to ensure we chose a place that was conducive to us truly enjoy a relaxing girls’ weekend getaway.
3) Plan the meals ahead of time
How to plan a girls weekend getaway
We decided that each of the girls would be in charge of one meal. Everyone brought their own ingredients and we communicated about the “extra” things like coffee (top the list!), creamers, butter, etc. This method worked like a charm and made meal time easy peasy and 100% stress free.
I was in charge of breakfast Saturday morning and decided to get the day started with a delightful, sugary meal that we would all cringe at feeding our toddlers, but would love to indulge in ourselves… French Toast Casserole was my choice. It came out really well and thankfully was a super tasty way to start the day.
How to plan a girls weekend getaway
We ate like queens all weekend with Ginger Veggie Stir Fry, Personalized pizzas, Soups, Snacks and more.
4) Have board games / simple fun conversational activities
We spent a lot of time together as a big group but the house we rented was also perfect for smaller groups. Having space to break off into smaller groups, chat, play games, knit, read or just chill was a really great way to relax and enjoy whatever activity you wanted to partake in. 
How to plan a girls weekend getaway
Having a game that is simple but makes everyone laugh is a great idea. We played Telestrations both nights and had more laughs than we could count.
How to plan a girls weekend getaway
The most stressful thing we did all weekend was visit Jost Winery and as you can imagine, visiting a winery doesn’t quite qualify as stressful in my books. I was pregnant during the weekend getaway so automatically became the driver for the winery visit. That said, I took full advantage of the visit and bought a case of one of my favourite red wines to have on hand for after the baby was born.
All in all planning a girls’ weekend getaway is one of those things we as career women, moms, and all around busy ladies tend to put off. The benefits, however, of reconnecting in person are worth the weekend in gold. There is nothing quite like in-person interaction and reconnecting with like minded friends. Take these 5 tips, implement them and enjoy a well-deserved girls’ weekend getaway!
xo Jenna
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how to plan a relaxing girls weekend getaway

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